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Amazing companies build amazing products using Filestack. We can help accelerate your team to upload and manage content.

Filestack For Ed-Tech

The problem:

As an Ed-tech company, you often tackle high upload failure rates for large files, and strive to make it easy for students and teachers to access files to upload for class materials and homework submissions, and allow parents to keep up with it along the way.


Filestack provides users “all-in-one” experience for uploading files from anywhere easily with a 99.99% success rate. This means academic institutions and Ed-tech companies can trust Filestack as a reliable file upload, content management, and delivery service.


“We chose Filestack for the uploading option as we simply did not want to deal with it or build it ourselves. It is better to get someone specialized in this area to do it.”

“File uploads seem easy, but it’s not. We didn’t want to be an upload company. We wanted to be a translation company.”


“We were just able to drop in javascript and run it… it was super fast.”

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“We’re happy, because Filestack gives us super high ROI.”

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“We were pushing files straight to S3, and it was like, there has to be a better way to upload and maintain them, but also process them.”

Filestack For E-Commerce

The problem:

As an E-Commerce platform it is challenging to guarantee product images will look good and load fast on any platform, an important aspect of the online shopping experience.


E-commerce platforms of all varieties rely on Filestack for programmatically optimizing images, and delivering content around the world with blazing speed for an unparalleled buyer experience.


“We’ve seen a 27% reduction in load time since implementing Filestack.”

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“We’re not in the business of building file uploaders, so out of the box ease of use is an important factor when evaluating third party solutions.”

“In short, it future proofs the content for our site. We don't really need to plan around images for the foreseeable future.”

“Filestack has it right in terms of visual design and underlying architecture of API. The UI of the dialog is great, just having that really clean, simple interface makes such a difference for our case-studies.”

Filestack For Crowdsourcing

The problem:

With crowdsourcing, telling a story using photos or videos is a key component of creating campaigns. Your users photos are scattered across cloud platforms, and the ability to upload quickly is imperative for a streamlined user experience.


Filestack’s functionality provides an easy and fluid method of uploading and delivering images, videos, and files of many formats and size. Users can then get any file, anywhere, and quickly.


“The core value of Filestack is that we don’t have to build our own image resizing architecture. That’s attractive no matter what the space is.”

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“What really made us go with Filestack was not just the great features you guys have, but also the quality of your documentation for developers. It was super clean, clear and easy to follow.”

Filestack For Collaboration Tools

The problem:

As a collaboration tool, you strive to connect people. It is important to keep all assets tied together to create a growing eco-system with users. Providing an uninterrupted user experience is key to successful collaboration.


Filestack integrates with cloud sources sources to provide functionality to upload from almost anywhere. This allows users to seamlessly import photos, videos, or other files all without leaving the original platform.


“It’s a really good, stable product. It’s one thing that’s never fallen over for us, and that’s important.”

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“If we didn’t have a tool like Filestack, it would have prevented a business such as ours from existing.”

“We could have built our own image workflows, but it probably wouldn’t have been efficient and probably wouldn’t have been on the right architecture for such a specialized task.”

“With Filestack, we save our customers hundreds of hours that would otherwise be spent consolidating files.”

Filestack For Printing

The problem:

Your customers’ images are scattered throughout the web in many locations, sizes, and formats. This makes it difficult to provide a seamless, uninterrupted experience, which is key to maximizing your customer conversion rates.


With Filestack, you can allow your users to upload directly from Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos and more to access all of their photos in one place and then crop, filter, and edit their images in-app for an awesome printing experience.


“Filestack really affects our bottom line, because we’re not focusing on the development of uploading files, we’re just focusing on the montage part. Filestack is an absolutely huge part of our success.”

“We got more features by switching Filestack. It simplified our DevOps, eliminated state on our servers and made it significantly easier to scale dynamically.”

“We realized that we needed a file handler application, so Filestack was a no-brainer.”

Filestack For CMS

The problem:

As a CMS, you have to upload, optimize, and deliver images, videos, and documents from your users; while maintaining an effortless and intuitive user experience.


Filestack is both the UI and backend for your CMS. Provide powerful file uploading, transformation, cloud storage, and fast delivery to your users. There is no limit to what you can create.


“Filestack has already saved us an estimated $25,000 CAD and 3 months of development time, not including the costs of upkeep.”

“Without the Google Drive and Dropbox integrations through Filestack, we wouldn’t get the agency businesses we do.”

“Before we used Filestack, 7% of our customers had issues with file uploads. Now, 0.1% have issues. That’s nothing.”

Filestack for Business Processing

The problem:

In businesses of all kinds, there is a myriad of mundane, everyday tasks that constantly need attention. This makes it difficult to work efficiently to solve bigger issues that your company may be facing.


With Filestack, you’re able to use automated task processing like our Workflows, optical character recognition or virus detection capabilities. That way, you can focus on the bigger picture when it comes to your business. In the end, providing a seamless experience for your users.


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“Mail hasn’t gotten the first class attention that other data in your business has.” That’s where Filestack comes in.

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“Then we thought, how much would it cost us in time and resources to develop what Filestack has already developed?"