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Building a high performing, reliable software (and infrastructure) stack to handle content ingestion, transformation and delivery for millions of files is a daunting task. Add image, audio, video transformations, AI/ML driven image recognition capabilities, business insights via in-depth analytics and the task becomes near impossible.

Don’t Worry About File Uploads, We’ve Got It Covered.

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    Large files, mobile network congestion, high latency networks, handling various file types, integration with Cloud providers, security and authentication, infrastructure management for scale and many more – each component adds complexity to build and even more to maintain.

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    Developers are the creative foundation of delivering value. Every minute that the team spends on building and maintaining a content ingestion stack is time not spent on building other value added features for your customers. The cost to the company is enormous.

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    Time to Market

    In the world of cut throat competition, it is always a race against time to bring killer features to market and drive value to customers. Building your own content ingestion stack could set you back months of time. Don’t let the market window pass you by.

Already support file uploads in your App? Consider This:

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    User Experience

    Every failed file upload within your application erodes the credibility of your offering, translating into considerable financial impact over time. Maintaining recurring customers through a reliable product is much more low-cost compared to constantly acquiring new ones.

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    Tip Of The Iceberg

    Content is often the foundation block of your application. What seems simple and operational today, will be under the wrath and fury of content deluge, unreliable networks and infrastructure overload tomorrow. Like an iceberg, you cannot see all the pitfalls from the surface.

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    Cost & Complexity

    If you calculate the true amount of maintaining the software and infrastructure stack, it will be evident that the subscription of a service that specializes in content ingestion is the prudent thing to do. Integrating with Filestack provides a reliable and secure file uploading solution.

Why Filestack?

Filestack helps seamlessly integrate edge content from any device, any location to the cloud – reliably, securely and quickly.

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    Any content from anywhere - straight to your application's cloud.

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    Advanced network intelligence to ensure fast and guaranteed uploads.

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    AI and ML based image recognition services.

Ready to overcome your complex content delivery requirements? Add a file uploader to your website