About Filestack

Originally a file picker, now an entire file infrastructure.


What is Filestack?

Filestack is a developer service for file uploading in the exploding realm of user-created content. Like APIs from other parts of the technology stack, such as Stripe and Twilio, Filestack allows software developers to integrate more than 25 of the world’s leading cloud drives with just a few lines of code. End users can upload content from websites and mobile apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Dropbox or wherever that content is stored.

Filestack enables developers to upload and store large files, transform and manipulate images and other file types, and deliver that content with blazing speed, responsively, across any type of desktop or mobile device. Filestack is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas and has been used by more than 50,000 app developers around the world.

Filestack in San Antonio, TX

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Sameer Kamat
Sameer Kamat


Reza Shahravan
Reza Shahravan

VP, Sales

Slawomir Zabkiewicz
Sławomir Zabkiewicz

Chief Architect

Jeff Porter
Jeffrey Porter

Director, Customer Success

Shanon Montelongo

VP, Marketing

Sai Veena Katta

Data Analyst

Alexander Scott

Support Engineer

Parsa Yousefi

Machine Learning Engineer

Erik Reyes

Erik Reyes

Customer Success Manager

Filestack in Krakow, PL

Karol Chudy

Software Engineer

Maciej Srebrny

Senior Software Engineer

Gabriela Fijalkowska

Software Engineer

Anna Kupś

Software Engineer

Bartosz Kwiecien

Software Engineer

Piotr Choluj

Software Engineer

Ihor Solonyi

Software Engineer

Paulina Lach
Paulina Lach

Software Engineer

Martyna Pachołek

Customer Success Specialist

Urszula Grudzień

Developer Support Engineer

Marcin Galeza

UX Architect