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About CardFool

Founded in 2017 in Kansas City, CardFool was established by a group of writers and artists with a knack for creating unique, personalized, premium greeting cards. Their interactive website now boasts of over 3,000 different card designs for every occasion imaginable. CardFool’s goal has always been to deliver quality cards seamlessly, either digitally or by way of traditional mail and they weren’t going to let poor quality photo uploads stand in the way.

“How much would it cost us in time and resources to develop what Filestack has already developed?”
Grant Leslie – CEO and Co-founder, CardFool

The Challenge

Before Filestack, CardFool wanted to allow customers to be more creative when they made their custom cards. The goal was always to make CardFool the destination for personalized, online greeting cards.

It was also important that upload times for larger photos remained simple and fast.

Before Filestack, CardFool’s product options were limited – and didn’t include the option to upload files to create custom photo cards. The goal was always to make CardFool the destination for online greeting cards, eliminating the need for a middle man.

When first coming across Filestack, CardFool was aiming to allow users to not only upload photos from their device, but also upload photos from social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram, resulting in an easier and more enjoyable card making and sending process.

Then there was the issue of slow uploads. At one point, CardFool was facing upload times like 9 seconds for a mere 3MB photo upload.

The Integration

The CardFool team knew that users wanted the option of adding photos to their greeting cards in addition to selecting the pre-made art options. This is where Filestack came in. CardFool uses the Filestack File Picker to allow users to select photos from their device or social media account to further personalize their greeting card.

The Outcome

Today, CardFool uses Filestack to not only allow users to select personal photos, but to also maximize their file upload speed, cutting their original file upload speed in thirds. And what do faster uploads mean? They mean faster, more efficient greeting card delivery.