A low-code platform for file handling

Filestack is a low-code service that allows developers to implement file upload and transformation features in a snap.

Create A Modern JavaScript File Picker Widget Without Writing A Single Line Of Code

Use the Filestack File Picker generator to generate the initialization code for your file picker by filling in a few checkboxes and input fields. Simply copy the generated code and paste it into your application code to get a powerful, well-designed file picker and let your users enjoy a better uploading files experience.

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File Type Validation

Set the file types that users can upload in your application.

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Image Validation

Set the min and max image file sizes that can be uploaded.

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Number Of Files Validation

Set how many files are allowed to be uploaded simultaneously.

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Upload Files From Multiple Sources

Easily allow users to upload files from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, device storage, and other sources.

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Client-side Image Transformation

Your upload widget can handle crop, rotate, and circle image transformations on the client side.

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Get the server response

You can get information about your upload in your browser´s console by checking the “Get Response” option. You will receive PickerResponse that represents state of all the files that were uploaded during given Picker session.

Fast, Reliable & Secure File Uploader

The generated file picker is much more than a good-looking file uploader. Behind the scenes, Filestack’s advanced infrastructure uploads files almost 4 times faster and guarantees upload success 99.999% of the time regardless of network conditions.

A Simpler, Faster Way to Generate Filestack API Code

With the Filestack API generator, developers can reduce hand-coding time. This no-code tool supports generating API codes for downloading, storing, overwriting, deleting, and getting the metadata of a previously uploaded file.

Rather than writing what already exists and coding line by line, invest more time in the core functionality of your application. Once you do this, additional features and functionality are no longer a time and resources trade-off.

The Filestack low code platform makes developing API calls easier and faster than ever, resulting in a high level of developer productivity.

Powerful image transformation for you and your customers

Integrate a sleek, easy-to-use photo editor into your product. This mobile-friendly solution is all built in for you. Your customers will be able to apply filters, adjust image sizes, and perform many other image transformations, providing them with a seamless in-app experience.

You can build this amazing photo editor in just a few minutes with Filestack Transformations' UI code generator. This no code tool will generate the code for you based on the options you select.


Filestack allows multiple tasks to be chained together into a single API call using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop user interface. We've taken care of all the logic so you don't have to. As a result, you can modify or duplicate your workflows with only minimal development work. The end result is a clean, easy-to-manage process for preparing your content workflows.

Use-Case: Ed Tech

Focus on the experience while Filestack takes care of the files. With no coding required, it's easy to create a document workflow and scan every assignment for viruses, quarantine it until it can be reviewed, and alert the sender of the issue so that no assignment is late.

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Integrate in Just Seconds!

1. Create Workflow with a simple to use UI

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2. Embed code to execute the Workflow

const apikey = ‘YOUR API KEY’;
const client = filestack.init(apikey);
const options = {
  workflows: [‘4e6c1ef1-c1ca-44a9-8ba0-aa7bc1fabbce’]

3. You're Done!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a low-code platform?

A low-code platform is a software development platform that lets developers build applications without much coding. Instead of building features with pure coding, developers can do so using low-code solutions by interacting with a graphical user interface and writing only a few lines of code.

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