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Easily transform, convert, and optimize images and files.

Convert Audio and Video Formats

By simply calling the Filestack conversion API, you can quickly and reliably convert between audio formats and video formats without any impact on your own infrastructure.

Videos standards supported seamlessly

From H.264 for UltraHD to 4K video formats, Filestack supports all major video standards with a simple integration so you never have to worry about the latest video file format.

  • H264
  • H264.HI
  • WEBM
  • OGG
  • OGG.HI
  • MP3
  • OGA
  • M4A
  • AAC

Extract Audio Tracks from Video Files

Need only the sound from your video clip? Easily extract the audio track. Resulting audio track extracted from video file


Engage Users with Video Thumbnails

show off your stunning video with a quick thumbnail to enhance user experience.

Wave Illustration
  • Crop Audio & Video Clips

    Easily adjust the audio clip’s duration or starting point.

  • Adjust the Quality & Size of Audio & Video Clips

    Easily change the bitrate & sample rate of any audio or video clip.

Notifications & Webhooks

Because audio and video transformations are relatively intensive, they can take a few minutes depending on the length of the clip. The first call you make to the API initiates the transformation. Each subsequent call you make for the same task will return the current status—handy if you need to update your UI or application as the process continues.

Once the audio transcoding has completed, a webhook will be sent to notify your application.


Transcode with More Parameters

See more about setting file names, storage locations, signatures, and more in our documentation

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Video Fit For the Device

Support your users device of choice with adaptive bit rate encoding for videos.

Integrate in Just Seconds!

No matter what language you code in, you can easily implement Filestack onto your application, letting you start right away.


Examples of code snippets
import * as filestack from 'filestack-js';
const client = filestack.init('YOUR API KEY');
client.upload(fileObject).then(data =>console.log(data.url));
gem 'filestack'
client ='YOUR_API_KEY',
security: security_object)
filelink = client.upload(filepath: '/path/to/file')
$ composer require --prefer-dist

use Filestack\FilestackClient;

$client = new FilestackClient('YOUR_API_KEY');
$filelink = $client-upload('/path/to/file');
$ pip install filestack-python

from filestack import Client
client = Client("")

params = {'mimetype': 'image/png'}
new_filelink =
  • Handle ANY Scale Icon

    Handle ANY Scale

    Filestack is a purpose-build cloud platform designed to handle large-scale transformation needs across millions of files.

  • Keep Content Secure Icon

    Keep Content Secure

    Powerful encryption and security keeps your content safe and allows Filestack's API to work with even sensitive files and user images.

  • Never Slow Down Your App Icon

    Never Slow Down Your App

    Offloading CPU intensive image and file conversions to Filestack can dramatically increase the speed of your sites and applications.

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