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“Without the Google Drive and Dropbox integrations through Filestack, we wouldn’t get the agency businesses we do.”
Sahand Seifi, CTO and Co-Founder of HeyOrca

HeyOrca is a platform that helps marketing agencies collaborate better internally and with their clients by simplifying the process of planning content marketing and social media strategies. Their platform manages detailed content calendars, where agencies can share content for approval before posting publicly. HeyOrca started building their MVP back in 2014 when they saw the need to organize the complexities of managing content strategies for agencies – who manage strategies for many clients at once.

Calendar view
Calendar view

One of the major problems HeyOrca initially faced was how to integrate their platform with the tools their clients already used, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. It was extremely important that all of the images, videos, and documents could be easily imported from the original platform to HeyOrca’s platform for approval.

At first, HeyOrca tried DIY solutions and jquery plugins, but nothing worked well. Trying to build an in house solution was more work than it was worth.

Enter Filestack

In an attempt to improve the process of managing hundreds of thousands of images and videos for their users, HeyOrca turned to the Internet, frantically Googling for an answer.

They were thrilled to find Filestack, a simple, out of the box solution that solved all of their challenges.

Seamless integration with Dropbox and Google Drive – Filestack’s file picker integrates into HeyOrca’s platform directly with only a few lines of JavaScript. Immediately HeyOrca’s users had secure and seamless access to their cloud drives – including Google Drive and Dropbox, among others. Clients can upload images and documents directly from their cloud drives in only a few clicks without leaving HeyOrca’s site.

HeyOrca integrations

Integrated With the Tools You Love

Integrate with the tools that you already know and love. Slack, Dropbox, and upcoming integrations allow social media content creation and collaboration to be swift and seamless.

Resizing images on the fly – Filestack’s Image Transformation API can dynamically resize images for HeyOrca for different situations. This allows a single stored image to be served as a thumbnail or any number of sizes depending on the URL or user session. This level of flexibility in their site’s design was simple to achieve using Filestack’s simple, URL based image transformations.

Video transcoding – HeyOrca frequently needs to transcode videos into more web friendly formats when managing videos for content marketing strategies. Filestack’s REST API makes transcoding video extremely easy. A single call to Filestack’s Video Transformation API endpoint can convert, resize or watermark videos in before being served in a content or social media campaign. Accessing Filestack’s powerful cloud file infrastructure for such CPU intensive work saves HeyOrca a lot of time and money, while ensuring top quality for all of their content.

Smooth Sailing

Simply by integrating with Filestack, HeyOrca can connect their application to Dropbox and Google Drive, enabling their clients to easily pull content from their cloud storage. They also have access to Filestack’s extensive file transformation library, which includes video encoding, image resizing, and more.

Since integrating with Filestack, HeyOrca has been thrilled by the seamless image management process. They love having everything – from file uploading to video transcoding – all in one place. As HeyOrca Co-Founder and CTO Sahand Seifi says, “I really like the product. I really enjoy using it. I’m very happy!”