Earth Class Mail Case Study

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"As much as businesses wanted to go paperless, paper never got away."

About Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail allows businesses to

Filestack Capture’s manage mail like email. With Earth Class Mail, customers are able to prioritize their mail and transform it into searchable, digital documents. They can then immediately share or forward critical mail, setup notifications, automatically deposit checks, and integrate with platforms like QuickBooks Online or Xero. No more sorting through envelopes, shuffling paper, scanning receipts, or making trips to the bank. Organize clutter to avoid important mail getting lost or mishandled – Earth Class Mail allows businesses to get paper mail off their desk and into action with OCR and automated workflows.

Earth Class Mail offers an extensive list of over 90 premier addresses around the US that act as virtual mailing addresses to treat paper mail like email. Whether you’re looking to expand your company footprint to another location, create a permanent mailing address regardless of physical location or create a virtual mailroom, Earth Class Mail will cover it all.

The Challenge

Mail comes in all forms and can take different shapes, colors and can include an array of noise. For any business owner, sorting through and organizing paper mail can be time consuming and tedious. Filestack developed a solution to streamline Earth Class Mail’s processes of sorting and organizing data from paper mail, eliminating service delays and tremendously cutting costs.

“Mail hasn’t gotten the first class attention that other data in your business has.”
Vlad Laypa – VP, Engineering – Earth Class Mail

The Integration

Filestack Capture’s optical character recognition solution (OCR) took Earth Class Mail’s mail processing to new heights. With these services, Earth Class Mail was able to further automate the process of recognizing specific sections on a piece of mail, labeling them and forwarding them to ECM. This, in addition to preexisting manual processes, gave ECM the power to process paper mail data more efficiently than ever before.

The Process

Earth Class Mail uses Filestack to leverage key points within each piece of mail to achieve maximum accuracy in data extraction processes. Filestack works to ingest a block of jumbled text and return a structured set of data.

Anatomy of an envelope
Anatomy of an envelope

How Did it Work?

70% of Earth Class Mail’s processing was completed via the Filestack API, the remaining 30% was considered to be mislabeled mail. Filestack worked with ECM to streamline their already well-established mail processing and boosted the overall auto delivery rate by over 50%. Filestack has served over 6,000 customer inboxes and processed as many as 10,000 images per day on behalf of Earth Class Mail.


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