Convert popular file types to other formats with Filestack’s File Conversion feature.

Instantly translate images and documents created in any application to your desired format without requiring human intervention of any kind.

The File Converter supports a wide variety of popular file types

Use the sample converter below to see the full list of available file type conversions.

Fast File Conversion From Any Source To Any Format

Use Filestack Upload to access images from virtually any source. Then use Filestack Transform to perfect them for your application.

Transformation Diagram

Advanced Document Conversions

A reliable document conversion solution that can preserve format, images, fonts, special characters, page breaks, and more.
Filestack File Conversions

Convert Documents to Images

Easily convert your document to images in just a single API call. You can choose to convert the entire document, or a specific range of pages.

    With Filestack’s powerful API you can:
  • Convert specific page ranges.
  • Control output density.
  • Ignore hidden slides from a pptx file.
  • Change output images format on the go.
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Document to Images

Auto Image Conversion

Automatically convert JPEG and PNG images to the next generation format WebP or JPEG XR which both have better compression and quality characteristics.
Auto Image Conversion

Convert A Group Of Images To GIF

Convert a group of images to GIF format and enjoy moving picture.

    With Filestack’s powerful API you can:
  • Define a delay between frames (in milliseconds)
  • Define how many times images should be displayed
  • Define output animation width and height
  • Set GIF background
  • Set the fit type, clip, scale or crop
  • Set image alignment
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Filestack animate task

Convert Image to ASCII Art

Convert JPG, PNG, AI, PSD, TIFF, and BMP images into an HTML file of lovely ASCII art by simply sending a request to Filestack’s transformation endpoint along with your API key and ascii task.
    With Filestack’s powerful API you can:
  • Specify the size of the returned file as a percentage of the original.
  • Reverse the character set used to generate the ASCII output. Works well with dark backgrounds.
  • Specify a background color for the HTML file from our list of accepted color names or a hex color code.
  • Specify a foreground color for the HTML file from our list of accepted color names or a hex color code.
Image converted into ASCII using Filestack

ZIP Your Files

With Filestack you can easily compress one or several files. This helps you to save up to 80 percent or more of storage space as well as encrypt private data.

Simply send a request to our transformation endpoint along with your API key and zip task and pass in a solitary Filestack handle, a single external url, a Filestack storage alias, or an array of handles and urls to be zipped.
ZIP icon

Why Do File Conversions Matter?

File sharing is a key part of most organizations’ day-to-day operation, and with the right tool, you can convert your files correctly into the formats required by your colleague, client, or manager

Filestack’s advanced file conversions will help teams share their work without worrying about format conversions or other common file sharing hindrances. As a result, the productivity and collaboration of your team will be greatly boosted.

Your business needs a reliable solution for document conversion, one that allows you to input any type of commonly used Microsoft file and receive a PDF with identical information - without loss of format or content.

← Give it a Try! Convert a File to a JPG Image

Use the File Picker to upload one of the following file types: PDF, PNG, GIF, SVG, PSD, TIFF, BMP, or TXT and watch Filestack convert it to a JPG in seconds!
Filestack maintains dozens of integrations with popular services, requiring no integration work on your part.
After the conversion process is finished, the File Picker will be replaced by the created JPG image and it will automatically be downloaded to your device. If the download process didn’t start, you can download it by right click on the image and selecting the "Save Image AS.." option.


File has been converted to jpg format

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Way more than a file uploader widget: a reliable file processing system.

What Filestack Can Provide For You

  • collage Icon

    Group images into a collage

    A photo collage allows you to convey a compelling story without jeopardizing viewer interest. Photo collages are a great way to boost social engagement and interest in your business.

  • URL Screenshot Icon

    URL Screenshot

    Filestack acts as a browser client that renders the contents of a web page and then captures that page content as an image. This powerful feature allows you to easily incorporate screen captures of other websites into your own web pages.

  • PDF file processing

    PDF file processing

    Use Filestack to automatically merge files to create a separate PDF file, convert your PDF to a new specific orientation or page format, convert it to a black and white version, or display information about that PDF document.

  • Document Detection Icon

    Document Detection

    Filestack’s Document Detection feature is a comprehensive tool that allows you to easily detect documents in your photos and automatically process them to accurately extract text from each document for later use in your application.

  • Virus scan  Icon

    Virus scan & Malware Detection

    Scan every file upon upload for viruses and malicious programs no matter what their file type. Filestack’s virus detection capabilities support scanning every file from images and video files to PDF documents for a secure document upload every time.

  • QR code Icon

    Generate a QR code

    Easily generate a QR code that will speedily direct traffic to your destination URL with the help of Filestack.

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Libraries & SDKs
Choose from our SDKs to get started: Javascript, Ruby, PHP, Python, Swift, Android
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Dev-to-dev support
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Examples of code snippets
import * as filestack from 'filestack-js';
const client = filestack.init('YOUR API KEY');
client.upload(fileObject).then(data =>console.log(data.url));
gem 'filestack'
client ='YOUR_API_KEY',
security: security_object)
filelink = client.upload(filepath: '/path/to/file')
$ composer require --prefer-dist

use Filestack\FilestackClient;

$client = new FilestackClient('YOUR_API_KEY');
$filelink = $client-upload('/path/to/file');
$ pip install filestack-python

from filestack import Client
client = Client("")

params = {'mimetype': 'image/png'}
new_filelink =