Learn about using Filestack applications to upload, transform, and deliver digital content.

Your Application

If you haven’t already signed up for a Filestack account, you can find the form here: Filestack Sign Up.

Once you have an account you can begin creating applications. Each application is given a public API key and a secret key, these are used throughout Filestack to authenticate and authorize operations on your resources.

Having an API key gives you access to upload and transform files using Filestack. Each application has configuration settings that apply only to it, so you can create multiple applications for varying use cases.

Developer Portal

The developer portal is where you can set up application configurations such as enabling security, storage backends, storage aliases, and OAuth clients if you are using our cloud integrations. You can also search through all of your application’s uploaded files in the Assets section.


We offer API clients for a handful of popular languages, and our File Picker widgets are one of the easiest ways to get Filestack into your web site or application.

Once you have integrated and are generating Filestack handles for your assets, then you can start transforming, and delivering those assets for you and your users.

Premium Features

An application can be extended with various useful features. If you are interested in or have questions about these please contact sales, or take a look at our pricing page.

  • Advanced Conversions - enable more powerful file conversions for your application
  • Content Ingestion Network - enable faster uploads for your users around the globe
  • Custom CNAME - set up your own sub-domains to alias the Filestack network
  • Custom S3 Source - use your S3 bucket as a picker source
  • Document Viewer - enable your application to use the file viewer
  • Intelligent Ingestion - enable adaptive multi-part uploads for weakened network conditions
  • Storage Aliases - access cloud files through Filestack URLs without uploading
  • Whitelabeling - remove the Filestack logo from our frontend widgets (e.g. picker, document viewer)
  • Workflows - create and run automated workflows for your Filestack assets


Our vernacular is minimal, but you should be aware of these terms so that our documentation can help you find what you need:

  • application: a developer account can create many applications, each with their own key and settings
  • handle: a unique reference to a file uploaded through our API
  • filelink: another word for a URL to a Filestack asset
  • transformation: sometimes used to refer to a URL with added processing tasks.
  • picker: what we call our file uploading widget