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High Performance File Uploading For Your App in Minutes

100,000+ applications utilize Filestack’s technology to leverage the world’s best file uploading speed, reliability and overall user experience.

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World's Most Popular File Picker

Since 2012, we've dedicated thousands of hours to optimizing file uploading. With that time spent we’ve developed a powerful file uploader for any application.

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Intelligent Ingestion - Filestack guarantees reliability across all devices and network conditions. Learn More →

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Content Ingestion Network (CIN) - Increases your upload speed up to 10x faster. Learn More →

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Customizable UI - 20+ integrated upload sources, multi-file upload support, video support, in-app image editing, and more. Learn More →

Photo of Uri Foox

Uri Foox

"For our high-end customers, site speed is everything... We've seen a 27% reduction in load time since implementing Filestack."

Uri Foox, Zoey

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Enhance Your Asset Workflow

Filestack handles every aspect of your file management from upload to delivery. Build a streamlined workflow with Filestack’s essential tools to power your cloud file infrastructure.

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Store Files - Store your files directly to your own S3, Azure, Dropbox, Rackspace, or Google Cloud Storage.

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Deliver Files - Deliver your files with blazing speed anywhere in the world with Filestack’s integrated CDN.

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Optimize Images - Optimize your images for delivery with URL-based transformations API to crop, resize, compress, or otherwise edit your images. Learn More →

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Gain Insights - Gain insights into your images with AI based image tagging.

Photo of Rob Eanes

Rob Eanes

"It's simplified the process of managing users photos while allowing us to focus on building new features that address the challenges our customers are facing."

Rob Eanes, CTO at

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 const client = filestack.init('YOUR API KEY');
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Just One Integration, One Time...

Filestack connects you with a multitude of services with one simple integration. You never have to worry about updating API integrations again. Uploading Files is our raison d'etre. We update for other API changes, and will never depreciate our API or force unwarranted changes on you.

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Libraries & SDKs - Choose from our SDKs to get started.

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No maintenance required - Once you integrate, you’re done. Never worry about changing APIs disrupting your file workflow again.

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Dev-to-dev support - Your files are always our #1 concern. We are always here to help you get up and running and assure the best performance.

Photo of Chris Coyier

Chris Coyier

"Being smart here, in my opinion, is seriously looking at Filestack to give you a fantastic uploading experience, while you spend your time on your product vision, not already-solved problems."

Chris Coyier, Founder of CSS-Tricks & Codepen

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