Filestack’s Copyright Detector determines whether an image is copyright protected or not

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Why Is It Important to Have a Copyright Detector?

Filestack Copyright Detection will help you to avoid infringing on the copyright protection of others as well as protect your online content.

Whether you upload one image or a million, you will immediately know whether an image has copyright protection by using the copyright detector feature, which is part of Filestack’s Processing API and Image Intelligence Suite.

How the Copyright Detector Works

1Send a Processing API request with copyright task

This task requires using a security policy and signature.
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How Filestack Copyright works?

2Receive the API Response

Use the API response to detect whether the target image is copyrighted or not and define actions based on the result.


Copyright Detection

"copyright": true,     
"licenses": [
    "collection": "500px",
    "dateCreated": "2021-06-08T00:00:00",
    "id": "fa233f04-ee0f-497e-bc52-75e4ebbd5579",
    "keywords": "Pets\tTame\tClose-up\tPuppy\tPhotography\tStudio Shot\tCavalier King Charles Spaniel\tAnimal Themes\tDomestic Animals\tCanine - Animal\tAnimal\tColor Image\tPlant\tHorizontal\tAnimal Body Part\tMammal\tPlant Environment\tDiscovery\tCute\tLap Dog\tResponsibility\tDomestic Life\tEnvironment\tLying Down\tBeauty In Nature\tAnimal Head\tDog\tNature\tPurebred Dog\tAnimal Wildlife\tPortrait\tNo People ",
    "licensingInfo": [
        "imageId": "1330754182",
        "name": "Getty Images",
        "purchaseUrl": "",
        "types": [
            "Royalty Free"
    "photographerName": "Musthafa Aboobakuru / 500px",
    "servingUrl": "",
    "title": "Close-up portrait of lap cavalier king charles spaniel lying on floor at home",

Save Time by Including the Copyright Detector in Your Workflows

Integrate copyright detection into your app via Filestack Workflows. Chain tasks with Workflows to scan and automatically detect copyrighted images, reject them from being uploaded, and notify users.

Let Filestack show you how simple adding copyright detection can be.

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Examples of code snippets
import * as filestack from 'filestack-js';
const client = filestack.init('YOUR API KEY');
client.upload(fileObject).then(data =>console.log(data.url));
gem 'filestack'
client ='YOUR_API_KEY',
security: security_object)
filelink = client.upload(filepath: '/path/to/file')
$ composer require --prefer-dist

use Filestack\FilestackClient;

$client = new FilestackClient('YOUR_API_KEY');
$filelink = $client-upload('/path/to/file');
$ pip install filestack-python

from filestack import Client
client = Client("")

params = {'mimetype': 'image/png'}
new_filelink =