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Easily transform, convert, and optimize images and files.

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Effortlessly switch between file formats

Automatic File Conversion Done Right

  • Typical Conversion

    The content is mostly there, but formatting has become jumbled. You've probably experienced this.

  • Properly transformed document

    Filestack Conversion

    Both the content and the formatting have been carefully preserved.

Convert Office Files, Graphic Documents, and even Web Pages

A simple URL-based API makes file conversion easy, with no infrastructure to own or manage.


Spreadsheets can be tricky to convert to other formats because all the cell formatting has to be preserved and all of the content needs to align.

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Word Docs

Do your documents have special symbols that never convert correctly? It’s time to eliminate the pesky “&” that ruin your beautiful documents. Advanced document conversions recognizes and carries over all special characters, so your conversions work every time.

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It's common to convert presentations to images or a PDF, which can both be viewed without additional software. But how do you ensure your presentation still presents as expected? Filestack offers advanced transformations that preserve the appearance of every slide, even when complex graphics are involved.

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Advanced Graphic Files

Since most users don't have sophisticated graphics software installed, there's a need to automatically convert files to images so they can easily be previewed and shared. Let your users view Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files without needed the original software.

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Websites & HTML

Easily capture the beauty of the content of an entire web page. Don’t need the entire piece? Indicate custom sizes, portions and even time delays.

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Consistent, High Quality Output Files

Know that your output documents are high quality, every single time. When converting PDF and PowerPoint documents to images, you can even improve/adjust the resolution of the file that it generates by using the density parameter.

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    Handle ANY Scale

    Filestack is a purpose-build cloud platform designed to handle large-scale transformation needs across millions of files.

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    Keep Content Secure

    Powerful encryption and security keeps your content safe and allows Filestack's API to work with even sensitive files and user images.

  • Never Slow Down Your App Icon

    Never Slow Down Your App

    Offloading CPU intensive image and file conversions to Filestack can dramatically increase the speed of your sites and applications.

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