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Deliver a seamless exchange of information between your teachers and students.

Every interaction matters. Don't let failed uploads ruin their experience. Filestack provides Ed Tech businesses with a multi-purpose, customizable and reliable upload process.

“ All of our teachers now use Filestack as their primary tool to get their course content loaded onto our system. "

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Ankur Nagpal, CEO of Teachable

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Why Filestack?

Filestack helps Ed Tech companies focus on connecting teachers with students. Instead of constantly being at the mercy of the your users’ file repositories, Filestack shoulders the burden of these constant updates and allows your developers to focus on improving your learning platform. With one API call, Filestack uploads files from any source and transforms them to your desired state with a 99.999% upload success rate.

Easy to use

Cloud Sources

Filestack enables your users to upload images, videos, documents and files from 20+ upload sources.


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Reliability and performance are key to creating premium, uninterrupted user experiences. Filestack’s Intelligent Ingestion (FII) dynamically adjusts for network conditions to guaruntee upload success 99.999% of the time.

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To empower our users with CDN delivery, Filestack partners with Fastly CDN, one of the fastest and most secure content delivery networks. Every file that is uploaded through Filestack’s File Picker or RESTful API generates a CDN URL that delivers content at a blazing speed.

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Your Documents are Always Secure

Your users trust you with personal documents and private information. Filestack's security ensures that your assets are only accessed by those with permission.

Learn more about our security


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Never worry about serving NSFW content again. Filestack’s Image Tagging API ensures that all files within your system are safe for everyone.

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Video Transformations

Filestack can transform any video format to your desired outcome ensuring a uniform and easy to manage video formats as a result. See more in our documentation.

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Document Conversion API

Learning materials come in different filetypes, and this should never be a problem. Filestack's transformations converts files to your optimal filetype.

Learn more about document transformations

Join the 100,000+ Applications Using Filestack

Getting started is fast, free, and easy. Improve your file upload performance today. Sign up now for free or send us a note at hello@filestack.com.

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