Filestack Virus & Malware Detection API

Easily incorporate virus scanning & detection in your file upload process with Filestack's Virus Detection API.

Never let another malicious program into your app

Scan every file upon upload for viruses and malicious programs no matter what their file type. Filestack’s virus detection capabilities support scanning every file from images and video files to PDF documents for a secure document upload every time.

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Boost file upload security with composite file virus scanning

Composite files aren’t too much for Filestack Virus Detection. Protect ZIP and TAR files from being compromised and check for any present malware for a guaranteed secure upload every time.

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Integrate virus detection into your app via Filestack Workflows. Use workflows to scan and automatically detect malicious programs or potentially threatening viruses, send them into quarantine and notify users.

Ready to arm your application with the right protection? Let Filestack show you how simple adding virus detection can be.

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Secure document uploads that fit right into Filestack Workflows™

See how easy it is to create your workflow to scan every file for a virus upon upload into your app, quarantine any malicious programs until they can be reviewed and alert the sender so no file is lost.

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