Allow your users to upload files from Facebook, Google Drive, and more

Filestack’s Filepicker enables your users to upload images, videos, documents and files from 20+ upload sources.

  • My Computer Icon

    My Computer

    Drag and drop or select files to upload from your local drive.

  • URL Icon


    Keep URLs in the cloud by simply pasting links into your file uploader.

  • Image Search Icon

    Image Search

    Simply search and upload images directly by the file uploader.

  • Facebook Icon


    Upload photos directly from Facebook to your application.

  • Instagram Icon


    Upload photos directly from Instagram to your application.

  • Google Drive Icon

    Google Drive

    Upload documents and images directly from Google Drive.

  • Dropbox Icon


    Upload files directly from Dropbox to your Application.

  • Webcam Icon


    Take pictures or record videos in your file uploader.

  • Video Icon


    Upload or record new videos with our video upload integration.

  • Audio Icon


    Upload or record new audio clips with our audio upload integration.

  • Evernote Icon


    Access and upload images and documents directly from Evernote.

  • Flickr Icon


    Upload photos directly from Flickr to your application.

  • Box Icon


    Allow your users to easily upload files from their Box storage.

  • GitHub Icon


    Upload your users Github code repositories to your application.

  • Gmail Icon


    Upload email attachments directly from Gmail to your application.

  • Google Photos Icon

    Google Photos

    Allow your users to upload pictures directly from Google Photos.

  • One Drive Icon

    One Drive

    Drag and drop or select files to upload from your local drive.

  • Custom Source Icon

    Custom Source

    Allow users to select files directly from either a static list of files or dynamic integration of your choice.