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Filestack is an API for developers that makes it easy to add powerful file uploading capabilities to any website or mobile app. We integrate with more than 20 cloud drives so you can allow users to upload files from virtually anywhere. Our transformation engine makes it easy to programmatically manipulate files on the fly and our integrated CDN allows you to deliver content fast and responsively. We handle all types of files including: images, documents, PowerPoints, audio, video, PDFs, and more. We are constantly evolving our services and would welcome any input you have!

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How to include our Javascript Library

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File Uploading

Filestack’s File Picker and various API methods allows you to upload files from 20+ cloud drives and local devices. Setup your integration with JavaScript, REST, or use our ready to go widgets and mobile SDKs to get started quickly.

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How to integrate Filestack’s File Uploader and use various facets of the API


Upload, re-write, remove, and retrieve data about files using Filestack’s RESTful API

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Deliver responsive, optimized images to all of your users devices.

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Full featured mobile uploading SDKs for iOS and Android, integrations, Salesforce, and more.


Filestack offers a powerful RESTful Transformation Engine for manipulating images and office documents on-the -fly. Additionally we offer audio and video transcoding and we will notify you via webhook when the processing completes.

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Consult the following pages to rotate, crop, blur, sharpen, filter , or otherwise convert image files.

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Transcode audio and video files, extract audio from video, apply a watermarks and more.

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Convert more than 20 document formats, including Word and Excel files to PDF, PDF to text, and more.

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An interface to view numerous file types directly in your user’s web browser.


Learn how set up webhooks for upload notifications, integrate your application with cloud drives like Dropbox and Facebook using custom oauth, set up Policies and Signatures, and store files directly to your cloud storage provider such as S3 or GCS.

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Filestack will return webhooks for various upload events. Configure webhooks for your app.

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Utilize Filestack’s Policy and Signature based system to secure your applications and documents.

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Integrate your file uploader with Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, Google Drive, and more.

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Set up cloud storage in order to use Filestack to store files to services like S3 and Azure.

Getting Started

To integrate Filestack into your site, the first thing to do is include the Filestack library. Copy and paste this script into your page just before the </body> tag.

Javascript Library
<script type="text/javascript" src="//static.filestackapi.com/v3/filestack-0.6.3.js"></script>

The Filestack client is also available as a npm registry :

$ npm install --save filestack-js

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