Filestack offers a simple way of integrating mobile applications with our services..


Full source code can be found on GitHub.

What is Filastack-iOS

Filestack-iOS is an SDK for connecting your iOS mobile application with your Filestack account. You can allow your mobile users to upload files (photos, images, documents) directly from their devices to your Filepicker storage. It also allows them to access their cloud stored files (like Facebook, Dropbox, or Instagram).

What does the Picker look like?

However you want it to look! We don’t use any constraints when it comes to creating custom view. We know that you may want your mobile application to be consistent when it comes to your overall design. Of course, you don’t need to create everything from scratch if you don’t want to. If you need something with a simple, native look yet powerful possibilities, you can use the default Picker view we’ve already provided with Filestack-iOS:

Basic Picker


Most of the time the first view that users will see after opening the Picker will be a list of available sources. This list will be divided into two sections: The first will contain files stored/accessed by the device (iOS Files, Photo Library and Camera); The second will be as follows:

  • Facebook
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • GitHub
  • Gmail
  • Google Photos
  • OneDrive
  • Amazon Drive

You can always limit what will be displayed in this list by removing any sources (from both local and cloud providers), or you can add your custom cloud provider if you want to. Apart from customizing content, there is a possibility to set different style for whole list. You can change default texts, fonts, text color, background color, icons color, or use a whole new icons set. Every change should be easy and painless, so feel free to experiment a little to get the style that fits you the most.

Basic Picker Style ABasic Picker Style B

Preview vs Multiple Files Selection

There are two different photo pickers that you can use. The first one is the native iOS Photo Picker. It looks very nice, and goes with most application designs. It supports previewing photos. There is only one restriction: it allows users to select only one image. If you want to allow users to upload several assets at the same time, you need to use our custom Picker. It supports setting a limit on the number of images user can select, or setting no limit. The custom Picker looks quite similar to the native one. Keep in mind that the custom Picker doesn’t have any preview mechanism.

Native Custom
Native Picker List Custom Picker List
Native Picker Collection Custom Picker Collection
Native Picker Preview Custom Picker Selection
Native Picker Landscape Custom Picker Landscape

Image Editor

A very simple tool that allows users to edit images before uploading. It provides three basic functionalities: cropping, circle cropping, and rotating. Uses a minimalistic design that doesn’t need any localization; every text is provided by device system.




Editor Crop

Circle Crop

Editor Circle Crop

Editor Landscape

Editor Landscape

Selection list

For cases where multiple selection is enabled, before showing the editor a user will have options to re-check selected images and edit them. For that purpose, the Selection List was created. Simple and clean; Uses native components, icons and colors that allows user to feel familiar with the tool.

Selection List

Selection List

Selection List with asset selected to remove from Upload List

Triggered with a long press, which should feel natural for most users.

Selection List Selected

Selection List - Landscape

Selection List Landscape