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Our Vision & Values

Software is eating the world. We all know that. We’re trying to build software to help the people that build software. And we’re having a lot of fun along the way. We still haven’t solidified all of our core values yet (maybe you can help us!) but here are some of the attributes we’re looking for in future Filestackers:

Passion to build something great

Love helping customers

Work ethic with flexibility as a trade

Always be learning

Zero tolerance for politics or BS

Not afraid to roll up your sleeves

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Perks of Joining Our Team

We’re building software-as-a service to help developers manage the exponentially growing number of images, videos, and documents on web and mobile. This is an explosive category, really important work, and we need lots of help!

Awesome product

We are building real products with amazing support.

Autonomy with accountability

We want to leave you alone as long as you get your work done.

Coworking with other teams

We office with several other Scaleworks teams.

Fast growing industry

SaaS for developers is a rapidly expanding category.

Winning but casual culture

We think we can win without building a boiler room.

Emerging tech communities

San Antonio and Kraków are growing fast!

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Global Team

We’re headquartered in San Antonio, Texas with an amazing software development office in Krakow, Poland. We also have a handful of remote employees who we work with on Slack and email. Yes, some of us still use email (a lot, actually).

Employee Testimonials

Mike Mozey
Mike Mozey
VP of Sales

“The idea of a fast paced startup environment piqued my interest. The reality of a product with a strong following, great capabilities, passionate team, and excellent value prop drew me in. Our clients select us to solve a problem. We do this and also end up adding value above and beyond their expectations to their app...this keeps me going!”

Mike Mozey - San Antonio, TX Team

Pat Matthews
Pat Matthews

“I joined Filestack after getting to know the team. Their passion for the product was infectious and that’s who I want to work with--passionate people. They also made me realize the potential this company has and how fast the overall category is growing. And we get to do it all from San Antonio which I bet will be one of the faster growing tech scenes in a few years.”

Pat Matthews - San Antonio, TX Team

Bethany Stachenfield
Bethany Stachenfield
Marketing Manager

“I love coming in everyday to work with such passionate, intelligent team members who inspire me to do my best. Everyday is different with new, exciting projects, so I'm always challenged and learning, and never bored.”

Bethany Stachenfield - San Antonio, TX Team

Wyatt Barnes
Wyatt Barnes
Coding Space Sailor

“Filestack has provided me with a funtastic opportunity to not only learn how a successful start up operates and continues to grow, but an unforgettable opportunity to work with amazing people who have vast amounts of knowledge and would love to share.”

Wyatt Barnes - San Antonio, TX Team

Caitlin Vanasse
Caitlin Vanasse
Data Analyst

“Working at Filestack is being part of an environment that continually encourages and pushes you to grow and learn. Whether that be about the product, our customers, or ourselves.”

Caitlin Vanasse - San Antonio, TX Team

Sarajane Thompson
Sarajane Thompson

“My love for Filestack knows no bounds. It’s amazing. Great product. Great team.”

Sarajane Thompson - San Antonio, TX Team

Ron Davis
Ron Davis
Account Manager

“My main motivation for joining Filestack centered around the incredible growth potential for both myself and the company. I am faced with exciting new challenges every day, and my management team provides me with the information and support to overcome any roadblocks. In my position, I have the chance to think outside the box and identify new solutions while continuing to learn and grow in my role.”

Ron Davis - San Antonio, TX Team

Huey Ly
Huey Ly
Coding Ninja

“We have an amazing API that saves developers lots of time and resources. Our team rocks. Come join us if you want to a part of an exciting growing company! ”

Huey Ly - San Antonio, TX Team

Andrew Mione
Andrew Mione
Director of Developer Experience

“Why do I work at Filestack? Simple. We've got a really talented group of people working on some pretty exciting technology and it guarantees our days are never dull.”

Andrew Mione - San Antonio, TX Team

Alexander Scott
Alexander Scott
Support Developer L1

“Working in downtown SA with the Filestack team is an absolutely fantastic experience. Frijoles, Fajitas, and Filestack, that's all you need!”

Alexander Scott - San Antonio, TX Team

Mariah Tree
Mariah Tree
Software Engineer

“When I met the team at Filestack I knew I wanted to work here. As a member of the team I get to work on projects that I love with people that inspire me. I know that at Filestack my professional development is only limited by my own dedication and drive.”

Mariah Tree - San Antonio, TX Team

Open Positions in San Antonio

Please check out our open positions below. If anything hits you as a perfect fit, please reach out and let us know why. We’d love to hear from you.

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