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Content Ingestion Network™

Fast, reliable, secure uploads from your users anywhere in the world with Filestack's Content Ingestion Network™.

Accelerate File Uploads

Filestack’s Content Ingestion Network™ (CIN) is the fastest way to upload files from all regions of the world. Filestack’s CIN utilizes regional S3 networks to temporarily store your files until they make it to their long term destination (Amazon, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or Rackspace).

Content Instant Access

Within an instant of a user uploading a file, you are returned a temporary filelink that you can use while the file uploads asynchronously in the background. The file is available immediately upon upload, resulting in an up to 10X increase in upload speed.

Standard vs. Content Ingestion Network™

Regular Uploads - 100 MB


Accelerated Uploads - 100 MB


(3.6x Faster)

*Based on average results from globalized testing

Illustration explaining concept behind Content Ingestion Network™

How the Content Ingestion Network™ (CIN) Works

  1. The process begins when the user uploads a file from a mobile or local device.
  2. The file is sent to the nearest Filestack Storage Location which are geographically distributed.
  3. When the file reaches the nearest FIlestack Storage Location you are returned an immediately usable Filelink.
  4. The file uploads asynchronously from the Filestack Storage to your permanent cloud storage location.
  5. When the file reaches its final destination, the filelink will be updated to point to your cloud storage.

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