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Store Files with Filestack or Your Preferred Cloud Storage Service

Store files with Filestack or upload files to Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Rackspace, or Google Cloud Storage.

The Best Way to Upload Files To Cloud Storage

Upload and Store Your Files with Ease and Simplicity.

Store All File types & Sizes Image

Store All File types & Sizes

Upload all filetypes for Images, Documents, Audio/Video in any size.

Regional Storage for Speed Image

Regional Storage for Speed

Filestack’s CIN provides POPs. Making files instantly accessible even before they reach their final storage destination.

Store Direct to S3 Image

Store Direct to S3

Store directly to your S3 without passing through any of our Infrastructure. Ensuring privacy & speed for your users.

Backup Storage Image

Backup Storage

Configure a backup storage solution in another S3 region or another storage provider.

Privacy & Security Image

Privacy & Security

We use policies & signatures to ensure your uploads are secure to honor data isolation and confidentiality. We're also EU/US Privacy Shield Certified.

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