Custom Provider SDK

What is the Custom Provider SDK?

Filestack’s Custom Providers API allows enterprise customers to develop their own API endpoints for the Filestack services system, the end result being that the customer's custom endpoint will appear in the Filestack dialog and the end user will be able to interact with the data returned by that endpoint from within the Filestack dialog. Apply to create a custom provider today!

Required Components For Custom Provider Endpoint

Firstly, the customer will need a server to host the endpoint and work as the go-between for the service that the endpoint connects to and the Filestack API. The code the customer is responsible for creating should handle interacting with the service to retrieve pickable files. It should then be able to parse that data and deliver it to the Filestack API in a suitable paginated fashion.

The Custom Provider SDK allows for three security scenarios:

  • No authentication required - no authentication is performed. Filestack will not redirect the user to a provider endpoint login page. It will send a direct request to display the root folder instead
  • Simple authentication - based on an access token passed with every API request to the provider endpoint. The token can be used for endpoints that need it, or for their underlying backend logic. Credentials are passed in every call (for example HTTP basic authentication)
  • OAuth2 - if the provider endpoint utilizes OAuth2, access tokens can be used to provide authentication. If the provider endpoint is just a wrapper around an existing OAuth2 solution, a custom OAuth2 url can be provided. This means that the OAuth2 exchange happens independently from the provider endpoint. Then every request to the provider endpoint will include an access token for OAuth2. If the access token is expired, the provider endpoint should return a 401 HTTP code. The Filestack system will then try to refresh the token.

If you are interested in adding a new service to pick files from into the Filestack Dialog, then please fill out our integration partner application below.

Note: The Custom Provider SDK is available to Pro customers only.