Video Tagging

Detect general features of your videos.


Video tagging is one of intelligence tasks in Filestack platform. It allows you to detect general features in your videos.

This task is only available at Filestack Workflows. Read more about Workflows here.
By default, Video tags and Video SFW tasks support videos that are up to 10 minutes long. Please contact our Sales Team if you are interested in increasing this limit.

Workflows Task Configuration

Video Tagging task is available in the Intelligence tasks category in Filestack Workflows. To learn more about how to use the Workflows UI for configuring tasks (and the logic between them), visit Creating Workflows Tutorial.

Workflows Parameters

Task Name string Unique name of the task. It will be included in the webhook response.


Here is an example of a webhook that you will receive once your video is processed. Because the response can get large for longer videos, you will receive a url to a JSON file where the result has been stored.

    "id": 88085450,
    "action": "fs.workflow",
    "timestamp": 1570438682,
    "text": {
        "workflow": "1401680c-1234-81b4-bae3-04166d1a96ee",
        "jobid": "2c22748c-ce65-4979-8071-530b467e4d8b",
        "createdAt": "2019-10-07T08:50:15.001357914Z",
        "updatedAt": "2019-10-07T08:57:42.180333126Z",
        "sources": [
        "results": {
            "video_tags_task": {
                "url": "",
                "mimetype": "application/json",
                "size": 8978
        "status": "Finished",
        "ttl": 172800

Please visit the webhooks documentation page to learn more.


At this moment, Video Tagging cannot be used in workflows logic.

Video Tagging Result

Below you can see how the result file is structured. List of video tags can be found under key. Each item contains a name, confidence and a start/end offset (time, in milliseconds from the start of the video, that the tag was detected).

    "tags": {
        "user": null,
            "auto": [
                    "name": "computer",
                    "confidence": 93,
                    "start_offset": 12379,
                    "end_offset": 15382,
                    "name": "desk",
                    "confidence": 92,
                    "start_offset": 22134,
                    "end_offset": 26233,