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The Imagine Learning Classroom lesson player is a K-12 educational tool that can be utilized by both teachers and students to learn various subjects such as math, english, science, and history. The integration of IL Classroom with Filestack is primarily featured in the lesson authoring process. By adding slides or cards to lessons, users are able to upload static office files through the Filestack file picker. The Filestack integration also allows direct uploads from Google Workspaces and asset selection from desktops or Google Drive. The browser-based slide editor permits the insertion of images and audio files, including an audio overlay for students to listen to educators speaking about the content they are viewing. The ability to record directly in the browser through Filestack has been particularly helpful for educators during the pandemic when remote teaching required the addition of personal narration to curriculum content. Overall, this learning management product is designed to support educators in their teaching efforts.

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IL Classroom Scales on the Shoulders of Partners Like Filestack

Sir Isaac Newton is widely recognized as a significant historical figure who made groundbreaking discoveries in the field of physics. One of the unique aspects of Newton's approach to science was his acknowledgment of the contributions of those who came before him. Newton often attributed his success to the discoveries made by others, recognizing that his own work was only possible because of their efforts. Similarly, LearnZillion, now known as Imagine Learning Classroom or IL Classroom, owes a great deal of its success to its partnerships with other companies, such as Filestack. By leveraging the strengths and resources of these partners, IL Classroom was able to transform from a fledgling startup to a thriving product company. In many ways, the success of IL Classroom is a testament to the power of collaboration and building upon the achievements of others.

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How IL Classroom Pivoted Their Way to Success

Imagine Learning Classroom, formerly known as LearnZillion before being acquired by Imagine Learning in 2019, was an education company with a focus on K-12 educational content that consisted mostly of videos and static assets that were managed internally. Over a nine-year period, the company underwent two or three different pivots, transitioning from a video-first and static document-focused learning management system and curriculum provider to one that was entirely native to the browser. Today, Imagine Learning Classroom's slides, wikis, and lessons are all designed to work natively on any browser and are highly responsive. Although the company still hosts videos and documents as secondary or tertiary resources, its primary business is providing a modern, browser-native core curriculum. The ability to make such significant pivots was crucial to the company's success, and one of the founders noted that the company would not have been successful as a startup without the ability to make these pivots.

“I attribute a large part of our success to the fact that we leveraged multiple partners like Filestack to focus our energies on things like those pivots. To be able to aim our resources and our people at the things that were core to us. Finding our market and being able to hit product market fit as quickly as possible and not getting distracted by things that we could outsource to others.”
Ian Lotinsky — Ian Lotinsky