Processing API


Below, you can find a list of all supported Processing Engine conversions. Please refer to Processing Engine Overiew for more information about this system.


If your account has security enabled, a valid policy and signature will be required for any and all processing requests. The processing engine accepts security parameters as a URL task:,s:SIGNATURE/HANDLE

Please see our security documentation for more information regarding the generation of policies and signatures.


All task parameters listed here follow this pattern. Array types are presented as ordered lists of their respective types. Required fields are marked by an asterisk *.

Name (Alias) parameter type default value

Control Tasks



Specify the amount of time for how long the file should be cached in our CDN. For example, cache=expiry:31536000 will set the cache duration for 1 year. You can also use cache=expiry:max and the same value will be set for the cache headers: “Cache-Control:public, max-age=31536000”. The cache can be set to false to ensure that you always receive a newly converted file. This setting is only recommended for testing purposes because every time a URL using cache=false loads, it will count against your conversion quota.


false (f) boolean
expiry (e) integer



Store the result of this transformation into your storage. By default, transformations are stored in temporary storage and cached for 30 days. Storing files can ensure that you don’t incur extra transformations when the cache expires every 30 days. It also allows you to create new handles from transformed URLs.

A request to a URL that contains this task will return a JSON response. Example:<apikey>/store/<url>


  "container": "my-bucket",
  "filename": "272262.png",
  "key": "brPb11lRQR67XKxC9aUQ-272262.png",
  "size": 4585441,
  "type": "image/png",
  "url": ""

Store task is capable of triggering workflow jobs. In order to execute a job on a stored file, you’ll need to pass an ID of a workflow you wish to trigger using the workflows parameter. Store task will respond with unique IDs of executed jobs. Example:<apikey>/store=workflows:["46c8344b-d737-4411-8cbc-edbf66ce6731","448d6764-6ba5-11eb-9439-0242ac130002"]/<url>


  "container": "my-bucket",
  "filename": "272262.png",
  "key": "brPb11lRQR67XKxC9aUQ-272262.png",
  "size": 4585441,
  "type": "image/png",
  "url": ""
  "workflows": {
    "46c8344b-d737-4411-8cbc-edbf66ce6731": {
      "jobid": "bd8a6508-7186-4ddf-985e-d91fa5aa5bf7"
    "448d6764-6ba5-11eb-9439-0242ac130002": {
      "jobid": "da385844-6ba7-11eb-9439-0242ac130002"


filename (f) string
location (l)

one of:

"s3" "azure" "dropbox" "rackspace" "gcs"
path (p) string
container (c) string
region (r)

one of:

"us-east-1" "us-west-1" "us-west-2" "eu-west-1" "eu-central-1" "ap-northeast-1" "ap-northeast-2" "ap-southeast-1" "ap-southeast-2" "sa-east-1"
access (a)

one of:

"public" "private"
base64decode (b) boolean
workflows (w) array of workflow IDs



Returns default file if the source of the transformation does not work or the transformation fails.

file Either handle or URL of the file that should be returned if the transformation source does not work.
cache Number of seconds fallback response should be cached in CDN.

If you are using a fallback handle that belongs to a different application than the one which runs transformation and it is secured with security policy, appropriate signature and policy with read call should be used:


You can read more about security policies here.

  • Request without a fallback. DOC to DOC conversion will fail:<apikey>/output=f:doc/
  • Fallback with handle:<apikey>/output=f:doc/fallback=file:grKLLdxJQgm3VU3dRWW6/
  • Fallback with handle and 10-second cache:<apikey>/output=f:doc/fallback=file:grKLLdxJQgm3VU3dRWW6,cache:10/
  • Fallback with handle (if fallback handle belongs to the same application)<apikey>/security=policy:<policy>,signature:<signature>/output=f:doc/fallbacke=file:grKLLdxJQgm3VU3dRWW6/
  • Fallback to secured handle (only if it’s from another application than the source of the transformation):<apikey>/output=f:doc/fallback=file:"grKLLdxJQgm3VU3dRWW6?policy=<policy>&signature=<signature>"/
  • Fallback to external URL:<apikey>/output=f:doc/fallback=file:""/

Content Disposition


Sets Content-Disposition header for the given file.

type (t) stringinline One of:

inline default value, indicates that file can be displayed inside the web page, or as the web page

attachment indicates that file should be downloaded; most browsers presenting a "Save as" dialog, prefilled with the value of the filename parameters if present.
filename (f) string Filename to use with attachment type.

Image Restrictions

The maximum accepted image resolution is 100,000,000 pixels. For example, it can either be 10,000px x 10,000px or 5,000px x 20,000px.

Filestack will also not convert an image that is larger than 256 MB. Please contact us if you require the ability to process larger files.

Image Transformations

Image Size


You can use the imagesize task to get information about the width and height of the given image, for example:

Imagesize GET request will return data as JSON, for example:




The resizing feature comprises two main functions: manipulating the width and height of an image and changing the fit and alignment of the image. Either width or height is required. When both width and height are provided, the possible methods by which the image should fit these are:

  • clip - preserving the aspect ratio, resize the image to be as large as possible while ensuring its dimensions are less than or equal to both those specified
  • crop - preserving the aspect ratio, ensure the image covers both provided dimensions by clipping/cropping to fit
  • max - do not enlarge if the dimensions of the provided image are already less than the specified width or height
  • scale - ignore the aspect ratio of the provided image and stretch to both provided dimensions

If a single dimension is provided, only clip (default) or max fit can be applied.

Resize also allows specifying a resampling filter. Available filters are:


width* (w) integer (1 - 10000)
height* (h) integer (1 - 10000)
fit (f)

one of:

"clip" "crop" "scale" "max"
align (a)

one of:

"top" "bottom" "left" "right" "faces" "center"


array of 2 strings:
  1. one of:

    "top" "bottom"
  2. one of:

    "left" "right"
filter (ft)

one of:

"catrom" "lanczos2" "lanczos3" "mitchell" "nearest"



Crop images by entering coordinates and crop dimensions. The X and Y coordinates start from [0,0] and correspond to the top left-hand corner of the image. The width and height parameters dictate the size in pixels of the cropping rectangle. If the crop area extends outside the frame of the image, you will only receive back the part of the image that is within the crop area.


dim* (d) array of 4 integers:
  1. x integer (0 - 100000)
  2. y integer (0 - 100000)
  3. width integer (1 - 100000)
  4. height integer (1 - 100000)

Smart Crop


Smart Crop allows you to programmatically manipulate your images in a way that provides a version of the image that is exactly the shape you want, while keeping it’s aspect ratio and cutting out least interesting fragments of the input picture.

This is a premium feature. Please contact our Support Team.
mode stringauto face object auto When face value is used we will run face detection on the input image in order to provide the best results if the faces are present. You can specify the mode:object,object:<your_object> to crop the image against particular object, for example dog.
width* integer (1-10000) Width of the output image.
height* integer (1-10000) One of:Height of the output image.
fill_color string You can specify the color for the bars that appears when the file is cropped. You can use the colors listed in our Color Options
coords booleanfalse true false If true, this task will return JSON object with the coordinates of the cropped area.
  • Basic smart crop (width and height are required parameters):,height:400/HANDLE

Smart Crop (400x400)


  • Smart crop in the face mode:,height:400,mode:face/HANDLE

Photo by Joshua Chun on Unsplash

Smart Crop (400x400)


  • Smart crop in the object mode:,height:400,mode:object,object:<your_object>/HANDLE

Smart Crop (400x400)


  • Change the color of the bars that appears when the file is cropped:,height:400,mode:object,object:<your_object>,fill_color:<your_color>/HANDLE

Smart Crop (400x400)


  • Smart crop with coords set to true:,height:400,coords:true/HANDLE


{"coords": {"x": 0, "y": 317, "width": 634, "height": 634}}



You can rotate your image in a range clockwise from 0 degrees (no rotation) to 359 (nearly all the way around). Specifying “exif” for the degree parameter will auto-detect EXIF orientation and apply the rotation.


deg (d)

one of:



integer (0 - 359)
exif (e) boolean
background (b) color "FFFFFFFF"



This task flips the image in the vertical direction. Flip requires no additional parameters.



This task flops the image in the horizontal direction. Flop requires no additional parameters.


watermark=position:[middle, center]

You can add watermarks by overlaying one image on top of another. The size of the overlayed image is a percentage of its original size.


file* (f) url_handle
size (s) integer (0 - 500)
position (p)

one of:

"top" "middle" "bottom" "left" "center" "right"


array of 2 strings:
  1. one of:

    "top" "middle" "bottom"
  2. one of:

    "left" "center" "right"



Filestack offers a standalone task specifically for compression. It utilizes mozjpeg to offer improved compression for JPG files over the algorithm used for output=compress:true. It will not attempt to re-compress a previously compressed image. Compress will only work with PNG and JPG files. If any other format is passed in, it will return an unchanged image. For the best results, compress should be the last task in your transformation chain.


metadata (m) boolean false

Progressive JPEG


Convert an image to progressive JPEG. This is ideal for large images that will be displayed while downloading over a slow connection, allowing a reasonable preview after receiving only a portion of the data. However, support for progressive JPEGs is not universal. When progressive JPEGs are received by programs that do not support them (such as versions of Internet Explorer before Windows 7) the software displays the image only after it has been completely downloaded.


quality (q) integer (0 - 100)
metadata (m) boolean false



Set the quality of your JPG or WEBP images without the danger of possibly generating a larger file. This is great for reducing the file size of your image before running it through the compress task. Quality is a standalone task which is separate from the quality parameter available in the output task, and it will never increase the size of a file.


value* (v) integer (1 - 100)

Strip Metadata


Remove any embedded metadata from an image file.

Image Enhancements

These powerful image enhancements are available for Pro plans and higher. See our pricing page for more info.



Upscale is only available on Pro plans or higher.


noise (n)

one of:

"none" "low" "medium" "high"
upscale (u) boolean true
style (s)

one of:

"artwork" "photo"



Enhance is only available on Pro plans or higher.

This task smartly analyzes a photo and performs color correction and other enhancements to improve the overall quality of the image.

  • Automatic image enhancement

In standard version enhance requires no additional parameters. If you have presets enabled in your plan you will have access to additional preset parameter.


Available presets are listed in the table below:

auto This parameter automatically chooses a preset that does best enhancement to a photo.
vivid This preset gives more depth and brightness to a photo.
beautify This preset works wonders on portraits and shots of people. It automatically scans each face in the photo and adjusts how much corrections to apply to each face.
beautify_plus It is similar to beautify, but it applies stronger corrections and uses larger set of possible modifications.
fix_dark This setting will do a terrific job on extremely underexposed photos or photos where a dark subject is in front of a very bright background. By turning off the contrast, maximum detail is retrieved from the shadow areas without blowing out the bright areas.
fix_noise This setting automatically detects noise, and if detected, applies powerful noise removal to remove any grains from your photos while preserving details. Noise is automatically detected and applied depending on the ISO level and your camera make/model, and will therefore vary per photo.
fix_tint Use this setting to remove abnormal tint (yellow, blue, green, etc.) from your photos. Abnormal tint occurs where the camera’s sensor picked up excess green from fluorescent lights, or excess red from the infrared heat of a person in the image, or excess blue from ultraviolet, or excess yellow from tungsten lights.
outdoor This preset optimizes your landscape photographs with more color vibrancy. The contrast is adjusted to reveal slightly more detail in the shadow areas.
fireworks This preset applies correction for dark night sky and sets off excess colors from fireworks.

Below you can see example usage of the enhance=preset:fix_noise preset:


You can find more examples in our tutorial.

Ask our friendly support team to add presets to your plan today! Contact support.
  • Image enhancement with fix_dark preset:
  • Chain enhance with other tasks:

Red Eye Removal


Red eye removal is only available on Pro plans or higher.

This task removes the red-eye effect from photos. The redeye task requires no additional parameters.

Image Borders and Effects

Rounded Corners



radius (r)

one of:



integer (1 - 10000)
blur (l) float (0 - 20) 0.3
background (b) color




amount (a) integer (0 - 100) 20
blurmode (m)

one of:

"gaussian" "linear"
background (b) color




rotate (r) integer (0 - 359)
background (b) color
color (c) color "snow"

Torn Edges



spread (s) array of 2 integers:
  1. integer (1 - 10000) 1
  2. integer (1 - 10000) 10
background (b) color




blur (l) float (0 - 20) 4
opacity (o) integer (0 - 100) 60
vector (v) array of 2 integers:
  1. x integer (-1000 - 1000) 4
  2. y integer (-1000 - 1000) 4
color (c) color
background (b) color




background (b) color




color (c) color
background (b) color
width (w) integer (0 - 1000)

Image Filters




amount (a) integer (0 - 20) 2




amount (a) integer (0 - 20) 2



Black and White



threshold (t) integer (0 - 100) 50




tone (t) integer (0 - 100) 80




amount (a) integer (2 - 100) 2

Oil Paint



amount (a) integer (2 - 100) 2



The image returned by this transformation creates a negative image by portraying the lightest area as the darkest and the darkest areas as the lightest. The negative task requires no additional parameters.




brightness (b) integer (0 - 10000) 100
saturation (s) integer (0 - 10000) 100
hue (h) integer (0 - 359) 0

Partial Pixelate



objects* (o)

array of:

array of 4 integers:

  1. x integer (0 - 10000)
  2. y integer (0 - 10000)
  3. width integer (0 - 10000)
  4. height integer (0 - 10000)

amount (a) integer (2 - 100) 10
blur (l) float (0 - 20) 4
type (t)

one of:

"rect" "oval"

Partial Blur



objects* (o)

array of:

array of 4 integers:

  1. x integer (0 - 10000)
  2. y integer (0 - 10000)
  3. width integer (0 - 10000)
  4. height integer (0 - 10000)

amount (a) float (0 - 20) 10
blur (l) float (0 - 20) 4
type (t)

one of:

"rect" "oval"

Facial Detection

Detect Faces


The minsize and maxsize parameters are used to weed out objects that most likely are not faces. This can be an integer or a float in a range from 0.01 to 10000. The default value is 0.35. If the value is larger than 1, it is used as the expected minimum/maximum size of face objects in pixels. So for example if the value is set to 200, then the smallest/largest face object it will detect is 200x200 pixels. If the value that is set is less than 1, e.g. 0.3, then it filters out all face objects it detects that are smaller/larger than the middle/average object size by 30%.

For example, this means that if a set of 3 objects are detected that are (size in pixels) [‘100x100’, ‘200x200’, ‘300x300’], then setting minsize to 0.3 will result in a calculation where the middle object size 200 is used: 200-0.30*200=140 and all objects smaller than 140x140 would be eliminated.

Setting export:true will export all face objects to a JSON object:

        "x": 642,
        "y": 298,
        "width": 137,
        "height": 137,
        "id": 1
        "x": 446,
        "y": 731,
        "width": 138,
        "height": 138,
        "id": 2


maxsize (x) float (0 - 10000) 0.35
minsize (n) float (0 - 10000) 0.35
color (c) color "#000000FF"
export (e) boolean

Crop Faces


  • mode:thumb - adds a buffer around the face object by default. Part of the image inside the buffer is always resized to the desired dimensions (w & h parameters).
  • mode:crop - ignores the buffer around the face object.
  • mode:fill - works in a similar manner to thumb mode, except that while thumb mode will always crop an image to fit in the whole face object while still trying to respect width and height transformations, fill mode will prioritze width and height parameters over displaying the whole face object.

The faces parameter can be a single face object, an array of face objects, or you can use faces:all to choose all the detected face objects. This parameter governs the faces you want included in your crop.


width (w) integer (1 - 10000)
height (h) integer (1 - 10000)
faces (f)

one of:



integer (1 - 1000) 1


array of:

integer (1 - 1000)
maxsize (x) float (0 - 10000) 0.35
minsize (n) float (0 - 10000) 0.35
buffer (b) integer (0 - 1000)
mode (m)

one of:

"crop" "thumb" "fill"

Pixelate Faces



faces (f)

one of:



integer (1 - 1000)


array of:

integer (1 - 1000)
maxsize (x) float (0 - 10000) 0.35
minsize (n) float (0 - 10000) 0.35
buffer (b) integer (0 - 1000)
amount (a) integer (2 - 100) 10
blur (l) float (0 - 20) 4
type (t)

one of:

"rect" "oval"

Blur Faces



faces (f)

one of:



integer (1 - 1000)


array of:

integer (1 - 1000)
maxsize (x) float (0 - 10000) 0.35
minsize (n) float (0 - 10000) 0.35
buffer (b) integer (0 - 1000)
amount (a) float (0 - 20) 10
blur (l) float (0 - 20) 4
type (t)

one of:

"rect" "oval"

File Conversions

File Type


This task converts an input file into the specified output format.


format (f) string Defines an output file format. One of:

“doc” “docx” “html” “jpg” “odp” “ods” “odt” “pjpg” “pdf” “png” “ppt” “pptx” “svg” “txt” “webp” “xls” “xlsx”

page (p) integer (1-99999) Defines a number of pages of output file.
density (d) integer (1-500) Defines a density of output file. It will adjust the resolution when converting documents like PowerPoint, PDF, AI and EPS files to image formats like JPG or PNG. Higher density values mean higher resolutions, which will improve the image quality.
compress © booleanfalse Defines if the file should be compressed.
quality (q) string or

integer (1-100)95

Defines a quality of the output file. When “input” the input file quality will be preserved.
secure (s) booleanfalse Defines if the HTML or SVG file should be stripped of any insecure tags (HTML sanitization).
docinfo (i) booleanfalse Defines a number of pages and the dimensions of the input document and returns it in JSON format.
strip (t) booleanfalse Defines if the embedded file metadata should be removed.
colorspace (o) string Defines a colorspace of output file. One of:

“rgb” “cmyk” “input”

background (b) string Defines a background color of output file.
pageformat (a) string Defines a page format of output file. One of:

“a3” “a4”” “a5”” “b4” “b5”” “letter” “legal” “tabloid”

pageorientation ® string Defines a page orientation of output file. One of:

“landscape” “portrait”

engine (e) string Defines a conversion engine that should be used to process. One of:

“libre” : Basic Conversion Engine

“auto” : Advanced Conversion Engine

Note: “auto” requires the Advanced Conversion Engine Add-on enabled.


  • Convert file to PDF with landscape orientation using the handle:,pageorientation:landscape/HANDLE
  • Convert file to JPG with quality=70 using the external URL:,quality:70/EXTERNAL_URL
  • Convert file to PDF using our Advanced Conversion Engine:,engine:auto/HANDLE

Auto Image Conversion


This task automatically changes the encoding of the image based on the user agent and therefore provides better compression and quality characteristics compared to their older JPEG and PNG counterparts.

Currently, Filestack supports automatic conversion to WebP and JPEG XR.

WebP is natively supported in Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and by many other tools and software libraries.

For example this 1.42 MB JPEG image, after applying resize and compress tasks would have 48.45 KB: JPEG 48.45 KB

If you are using auto_image task and one of the supported browsers you should see that it’s delivered in a WebP format and it’s size is 44.84 KB. WebP 44.84 KB

You can read more about benefits of using WebP at

To see the current browser support for each supported next-gen format, check out the entries below:

  • Automatic image encoding:
  • Chaining with other tasks:,fit:max/compress/HANDLE

Animate (Images to GIF)


Animate task converts set of images to a GIF file.

delay integer1000 Defines a delay between frames (in milliseconds).
loop integer0 Defines how many times images should be displayed,
0 = loop forever.
width integermax Output animation width. By default it's the width of the largest image.
height integermax Output animation height. By default it's the height of the largest image.
fit stringclip Possible values:

clip scale crop
align string|array(2)center Possible values:

top right bottom left center middle


array of 2 strings:

1. one of:

top bottom middle

2. one of:

left right center
background stringtransparent For example: transparent, black, white, red.
  • Animate images every second in a loop and produce 200x300 GIF file:,width:200,height:300/[HANDLE1,HANDLE2,HANDLE3,HANDLE4,HANDLE5]
Maximum file size of single image 256 MB
Maximum width of single image 1800 px
Maximum height of single image 1800 px
Allowed file formats JPEG PNG SVG BMP TIFF GIF



The collage task accepts an array of Filestack file handles, storage aliases, or external urls. These files are appended in order to the base file of the transformation URL. Altogther the base image and the passed files are the images that will comprise the collage. The order in which they appear in the array dictates how the images will be arranged.

Both width and height are required. The images passed to this task will be resized using fit:clip (resize) so that the output image is close to the specified dimension parameters. The width parameter takes precedence over the height parameter.


files* (f) array of handles
margin (m) integer (1 - 100) 10
width* (w) integer (1 - 10000)
height* (h) integer (1 - 10000)
color (c) color "white"
fit (i)

one of:

"auto" "crop"
autorotate (a) boolean false



Take any image file and turn it into an HTML file of ASCII Art.

reverse reverses the character set used to generate the ASCII output. Works well with dark backgrounds. Requires color:true.

size specifies the size of the returned file as a percentage of the original.


background (b) color "#FFFFFFFF"
foreground (f) color "#000000FF"
colored (c) boolean false
size (s) integer (10 - 100) 100
reverse (r) boolean false

URL Screenshot


Note: This only works with external URLs, following the format:

The URL screenshot task will not work for content that is located in areas that require you to login. If the content is not publicly visible, then it will not be captured.


agent (a)

one of:

"desktop" "mobile"
width (w) integer (1 - 1920) 1024
height (h) integer (1 - 8000) 768
mode (m)

one of:

"all" "window"
delay (d) integer (0 - 20000) 1000
orientation (o)

one of:

"portrait" "landscape"
device (e) string ""

QR Code


This task generates a QR code that encodes URL to the specified resource. You can pass in a solitary Filestack handle or a single publicly available external URL. It does not perform any operations on the underlying file data. This task checks if the resource is available and then encodes the URL.


version integer (1-40)1 Specify the number of the white and black modules in use. Value 1 reffers to 21 × 21 modules, each higher version number comprises 4 additional modules per side.
error_correction stringM L M Q H Specify the error correction parameter to restore data if the code is dirty or damaged. One of the following levels: L(7%), M(15%), Q(25%), H(30%). The approx percentage of error correction capability is presented in brackets.
format stringpng svgpng Specify the format of the output. One of: svg or png

Below you can see the example of the result:


  • Create QR code using the handle:
  • Create QR code using the external URL:
  • Create QR code using additional parameters of this task:,error_correction:L,format:svg/HANDLE



This task takes the file or files that are passed into it and compresses them into a zip file. You can pass in a solitary Filestack handle, a single external url, a Filestack storage alias, or an array of handles and urls to be zipped. The zip task has no additional parameters.

  • Create a zip archive using the array of handles:[HANDLE1,HANDLE2]
  • Create a zip archive using the array of URLs:[URL1,URL2]
  • Create a zip archive combining the array of handles and URLs:[HANDLE1,URL1]
  • Create a zip archive with the custom filename using the Content Disposition task:""/[URL1,URL2]

Document Transformations

PDF Info

Get information about PDF document. This task returns following information:


colorinfo booleanfalse
  "colorinfo": [
      "c": 0.1442,
      "k": 0.61787,
      "m": 0.18234,
      "y": 0.19159
      "c": 0.18357,
      "k": 0.44799,
      "m": 0.30939,
      "y": 0.27883
  "created": "2017-07-13T11:59:59-05",
  "encrypted": false,
  "hasform": false,
  "hasjavascript": false,
  "isgrayscale": false,
  "isoptimized": true,
  "istagged": true,
  "pages": 2,
  "pagesize": {
    "height": 792,
    "paper": "Letter",
    "width": 612
  "pdfversion": "1.7",
  "protected": false,
  "updated": "2017-07-13T12:00:01-05"
created When the document was originally created.
updated When the document was updated.
pdfversion PDF document version)
protected Determines if the document is password protected.
encrypted Determines if the document is encrypted.
istagged Determines if there is any PDF Tag available in the document.
isoptimized Determines if the media in the document are optimized.
isgrayscale This is true if all the pages of the document are grayscale.
hasform Determines if the document has interactive forms.
hasjavascript Determines if the document has embedded JavaScript code.
pages Number of pages.
pagesize Width, height and papersize of the document.
colorinfo Color information (CMYK) about each page of the document.
  • Get color information:

PDF Create

Merge files to create a separate PDF file using an array of Filestack handles.

This is a premium feature. Please contact our Support Team.


Note: This only works with Filestack handles.

engine (e) stringpoppler Conversion engine to use. Available options are: poppler or mupdf. Results and performance may vary for each as they use different graphic libraries.

PDF Conversions

Converting PDF to specific orientation, pageformat and specific pages.


pageorientation stringportrait "landscape" or "portrait"
pageformat stringa4 "a2" "a3" "a4" "a5" "b4" "b5" "letter" "legal" "tabloid"
pages pagerange Any combination of pages or ranges, for example [1,3,6] or [3-5,6-7] or [1-3,5]
metadata stringtrue true means that new file will be created with the same metadata as the original file. This is the default behaviour.

false means that new file will be created with empty metadata.
  • Convert to specific orientation and format:,pageformat:a3/HANDLE
  • With specific page range.,pageformat:a3,pages:[2,3,4]/HANDLE

PDF Monochrome

Convert PDF to black and white version.


  • Convert some of the PDF pages to specific orientation and format in black and white:,pageformat:a3,pages:[2,3,4]/monochrome/HANDLE

Document to Images

Convert all (or selected range) document pages to images in one API call.

This is a premium feature. Please contact our Support Team.


pages pagerange Any combination of page ranges, ie. [1,3,6] or [3-5,6-7] or [1-3,5].
engine stringimagemagick Conversion engine to use. Available options are: imagemagick, poppler and mupdf. Results and performance may vary for each as they use different graphic libraries.
format stringjpg Output format for images, jpg or png.
quality integer (1-100)95 Output quality for images.
density integer (20-500)72 Density will adjust the resolution when converting document pages to images. Higher density values mean higher resolutions, which will improve the image quality.
hidden_slides booleanfalse Convert hidden slides from ppt and pptx files.

Lets assume that your document has 6 pages. When you run /doc_to_images/ task like this:

You will receive application/json response with the ordered list of image URLs.


Please notice the syntax:


where N is the number of the image. Those numbers do not match page numbers (if you use page ranges) and are used only as unique identifiers for the images in the list.

  • Convert specific page range with high density[1-3,5],density:300/handle
  • Ignore hidden slides from the pptx file[1-3,5],density:300,hidden_slides:false/handle
  • Change output format from jpg to png[1-3,5],format:png/handle
  • Use external URL[1-3,5]/

Audio and Video

Video and audio transcoding overview

Currently, depending on the device in use, video and audio files can be saved in different formats. Our video and audio transcoding features help with converting the files to the type and format you would like to use in your application.

Video and Audio Transcoding are included on the Grow and higher plans.

Please learn more about our Video and Audio Transformations here.

Color Options

Many of the Filestack conversion options allow you to set a color for the background, border or other parameter. The following is a list of defined color options. You can set any color you want using the hexadecimal (or shortened hexadecimal) code, but there is a set list of defined color words Filestack accepts.

Name Color Hex
aliceblue F0F8FFFF
antiquewhite FAEBD7FF
aqua 00FFFFFF
aquamarine 7FFFD4FF
azure F0FFFFFF
beige F5F5DCFF
bisque FFE4C4FF
black 000000FF
blanchedalmond FFEBCDFF
blue 0000FFFF
blueviolet 8A2BE2FF
brown A52A2AFF
burlywood DEB887FF
cadetblue 5F9EA0FF
chartreuse 7FFF00FF
chocolate D2691EFF
coral FF7F50FF
cornflowerblue 6495EDFF
cornsilk FFF8DCFF
crimson DC143CFF
cyan 00FFFFFF
darkblue 00008BFF
darkcyan 008B8BFF
darkgoldenrod B8860BFF
darkgray A9A9A9FF
darkgreen 006400FF
darkgrey A9A9A9FF
darkkhaki BDB76BFF
darkmagenta 8B008BFF
darkolivegreen 556B2FFF
darkorange FF8C00FF
darkorchid 9932CCFF
darkred 8B0000FF
darksalmon E9967AFF
darkseagreen 8FBC8FFF
darkslateblue 483D8BFF
darkslategray 2F4F4FFF
darkslategrey 2F4F4FFF
darkturquoise 00CED1FF
darkviolet 9400D3FF
deeppink FF1493FF
deepskyblue 00BFFFFF
dimgray 696969FF
dimgrey 696969FF
dodgerblue 1E90FFFF
firebrick B22222FF
floralwhite FFFAF0FF
forestgreen 228B22FF
fractal 808080FF
fuchsia FF00FFFF
gainsboro DCDCDCFF
ghostwhite F8F8FFFF
gold FFD700FF
goldenrod DAA520FF
gray0 000000FF
gray1 030303FF
gray2 050505FF
gray3 080808FF
gray4 0A0A0AFF
gray5 0D0D0DFF
gray6 0F0F0FFF
gray7 121212FF
gray8 141414FF
gray9 171717FF
gray10 1A1A1AFF
gray11 1C1C1CFF
gray12 1F1F1FFF
gray13 212121FF
gray14 242424FF
gray15 262626FF
gray16 292929FF
gray17 2B2B2BFF
gray18 2E2E2EFF
gray19 303030FF
gray20 333333FF
gray21 363636FF
gray22 383838FF
gray23 3B3B3BFF
gray24 3D3D3DFF
gray25 404040FF
gray26 424242FF
gray27 454545FF
gray28 474747FF
gray29 4A4A4AFF
gray30 4D4D4DFF
gray31 4F4F4FFF
gray32 525252FF
gray33 545454FF
gray34 575757FF
gray35 595959FF
gray36 5C5C5CFF
gray37 5E5E5EFF
gray38 616161FF
gray39 636363FF
gray40 666666FF
gray41 696969FF
gray42 6B6B6BFF
gray43 6E6E6EFF
gray44 707070FF
gray45 737373FF
gray46 757575FF
gray47 787878FF
gray48 7A7A7AFF
gray49 7D7D7DFF
gray50 7F7F7FFF
gray51 828282FF
gray52 858585FF
gray53 878787FF
gray54 8A8A8AFF
gray55 8C8C8CFF
gray56 8F8F8FFF
gray57 919191FF
gray58 949494FF
gray59 969696FF
gray60 999999FF
gray61 9C9C9CFF
gray62 9E9E9EFF
gray63 A1A1A1FF
gray64 A3A3A3FF
gray65 A6A6A6FF
gray66 A8A8A8FF
gray69 B0B0B0FF
gray70 B3B3B3FF
gray71 B5B5B5FF
gray72 B8B8B8FF
gray76 C2C2C2FF
gray77 C4C4C4FF
gray78 C7C7C7FF
gray79 C9C9C9FF
gray82 D1D1D1FF
gray83 D4D4D4FF
gray84 D6D6D6FF
gray85 D9D9D9FF
gray88 E0E0E0FF
gray89 E3E3E3FF
gray90 E5E5E5FF
gray91 E8E8E8FF
gray94 F0F0F0FF
gray95 F2F2F2FF
gray96 F5F5F5FF
gray97 F7F7F7FF
gray100 FFFFFFFF
gray 7E7E7EFF
green 008000FF
greenyellow ADFF2FFF
grey 808080FF
honeydew F0FFF0FF
hotpink FF69B4FF
indianred CD5C5CFF
indigo 4B0082FF
ivory FFFFF0FF
khaki F0E68CFF
lavender E6E6FAFF
lavenderblush FFF0F5FF
lawngreen 7CFC00FF
lemonchiffon FFFACDFF
lightblue ADD8E6FF
lightcoral F08080FF
lightcyan E0FFFFFF
lightgoldenrodyellow FAFAD2FF
lightgray D3D3D3FF
lightgreen 90EE90FF
lightgrey D3D3D3FF
lightpink FFB6C1FF
lightsalmon FFA07AFF
lightseagreen 20B2AAFF
lightskyblue 87CEFAFF
lightslategray 778899FF
lightslategrey 778899FF
lightsteelblue B0C4DEFF
lightyellow FFFFE0FF
lime 00FF00FF
limegreen 32CD32FF
linen FAF0E6FF
magenta FF00FFFF
maroon 800000FF
mediumaquamarine 66CDAAFF
mediumblue 0000CDFF
mediumorchid BA55D3FF
mediumpurple 9370DBFF
mediumseagreen 3CB371FF
mediumslateblue 7B68EEFF
mediumspringgreen 00FA9AFF
mediumturquoise 48D1CCFF
mediumvioletred C71585FF
midnightblue 191970FF
mintcream F5FFFAFF
mistyrose FFE4E1FF
moccasin FFE4B5FF
navajowhite FFDEADFF
navy 000080FF
none 000000FF
oldlace FDF5E6FF
olive 808000FF
olivedrab 6B8E23FF
orange FFA500FF
orangered FF4500FF
orchid DA70D6FF
palegoldenrod EEE8AAFF
palegreen 98FB98FF
paleturquoise AFEEEEFF
palevioletred DB7093FF
papayawhip FFEFD5FF
peachpuff FFDAB9FF
peru CD853FFF
powderblue B0E0E6FF
purple 800080FF
red FF0000FF
rosybrown BC8F8FFF
royalblue 4169E1FF
saddlebrown 8B4513FF
salmon FA8072FF
sandybrown F4A460FF
seagreen 2E8B57FF
seashell FFF5EEFF
sienna A0522DFF
silver C0C0C0FF
skyblue 87CEEBFF
slateblue 6A5ACDFF
slategray 708090FF
slategrey 708090FF
springgreen 00FF7FFF
steelblue 4682B4FF
tan D2B48CFF
teal 008080FF
thistle D8BFD8FF
tomato FF6347FF
turquoise 40E0D0FF
violet EE82EEFF
wheat F5DEB3FF
whitesmoke F5F5F5FF
yellow FFFF00FF
yellowgreen 9ACD32FF

Automate Transformations

With Filestack’s Workflows, you can automate tasks such as image enhancement, file conversions, facial detection, etc., and chain them into a workflow, boosting efficiency. To learn more, check out our Workflow API Processing documentation page.