Powerful Features Included in all Plans

File Uploads

  • File Upload Widget

  • RESTful API to Upload Files

  • 20+ Cloud Integrations

  • Upload Any File Type

File Transformations

  • Image Transformations

  • Responsive Images

  • Document Conversions

  • Audio/Video Encoding


  • Integrated CDN

  • Webhooks

  • Mobile SDK

  • Great Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between your Free account vs. Filestack Pro?

Basic Filestack plans are a ready to go for optimizing your file infrastructure. Filestack enables you to have a centralized cloud system for file uploads, image transformations, and content delivery. You can easily sign up free, and upgrade/downgrade anytime based on your usage. Sign-up free.

Filestack Pro includes all of the features of Basic Filestack, as well as additional features, account manager, premium support, custom Terms of Service and customized pricing specific for your needs. For developers looking to truly scale their file infrastructure, Filestack Pro is the route to go. Contact us to learn more.

How are Filestack’s basic plans priced?

Filestack’s basic plans start for free, and are tiered based on usage. You can click to see the pricing tiers here. Once you surpass the quota allocated in your tier, you can either upgrade to the next plan, or pay usage fees at the rates of $0.004 per upload, $0.00125 per file conversion, and $0.15 per GB outbound bandwidth. Please note, all pricing and allotments are monthly.

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“Filestack affects our bottom line because we’re not focusing on the development of uploading files, we just focusing on our core product. ”


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