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Multiple Storage Options

To make integrating with Filestack even easier, we can automatically store all uploaded files into your existing file storage location. Currently, we support uploading to your S3 bucket, Rackspace Cloud Files container, Azure blob storage container, or Google Cloud Storage bucket.

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Track how your apps being used in your Developer's Portal for total usage optimization.

Developer Portal

Manage your account within our intuitive Developer's Portal. Here you can track usage, view your assets, set up storage, monitor security, and set up the look and feel you want your Picker to have. The Dev Portal is your window into your Filestack, and makes managing your file infrastructure clean and easy.

Account Overview

Filestack offers customizable graphs to show you how Filestack is being utilized by you and/or your end users. By understanding these metrics, you are able to optimize your usage. You can easily track the following metrics:

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Number of files uploaded, converted and accessed over the last 30 days.

Number of Files graph

File size and type of uploaded files. For example, Image, Video or Text.

File Size and Types graph

Which services you or your users have been accessing (i.e. Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive).

Services Used graph

Bandwidth in and out of your account.

Bandwidth In and Out graph


Get webhook notifications when your users interact with Filestack for the following actions:

  • Dialog is Opened
  • Files are Uploaded
  • Files are Exported
  • Files are Converted
  • Files are Overwritten
  • Files are Deleted
  • Videos are Conversions

See how to configure webhooks →

Security & Privacy

Data has become the currency of the Internet. So Filestack understands the importance of security and privacy when it comes to your digital assets. Implementing complex security policies, protected by unique signatures, enables you to control what your users can and cannot do with Filestack files. Filestack also allows you to set some client-side parameters from within your developer portal, away from where malicious users can tamper with them. See how to configure security policies and signatures.


Caching has long been a reliable strategy to increase performance while reducing overall load on your application’s infrastructure. Filestack provides multiple layers of caching starting from within our infrastructure and extending to your user’s browser which ensures snappy load times and consistently stellar user experiences.

See how to configure security policies and signatures →

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