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Uncover insights within your images with Filestack Image Intelligence

Use state of the art machine learning to automatically organize images and streamline processes.

Machine Learning Made Simple

Historically, gaining insights about users and their data has been hard to wrangle. This issue is only magnified as the explosion of user generated content continues to grow at an unprecedented pace. Multiple machine learning platforms have emerged to help businesses gain critical insights to their customers, but they are still relatively new and hard to integrate.

For this reason, Filestack has partnered with best of breed platforms to provide simple and quick analysis of images that will provide you actionable data.

Demo Image
Object Detection:
{"tags":{"auto":{"cat":98,"cat like mammal":77,"close up":78,"european shorthair":68,"fauna":84,"mammal":93,"small to medium sized cats":76,"tabby cat":72,"vertebrate":92,"whiskers":92}
Explicit Content Detection:

Object Recognition

How valuable would it be to “see” what is in every image? With our image auto-tagging service, you can easily abstract what objects appear in your uploaded images. People, animals, transportation, and thousand of other categories are at your disposal.

Explicit Content Detection

Moderate your images to ensure you are only showing content that comply with your rules and boundaries. By implementing “safe for work” and a “not safe for work” score, our image tagging service can help you automate content moderation so you can focus on your core business.

Object Detection

Sometimes knowing which objects are in your photos isn’t enough -- you need to know where they are, too. Filestack Object Detection uses state-of-the-art neural networks to detect and locate common objects in photos.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

OCR extracts text from images so you don’t have to. Whether you are transcribing old documents, or grabbing license plate numbers from security footage, Filestack OCR reliably extracts printed and handwritten data from your images.

CheckOCR and AddressOCR

Filestack has combined object detection and OCR to provide fine-tuned insights into your mail and your checks. By localizing relevant regions on a document and analyzing them using advanced OCR techniques, Filestack provides domain-specific intelligence for your data.


Now detect images that are copyright protected. Upload a single image or millions of images, a single API call will display the copyright status of any image. This is especially useful for businesses that rely on user generated content and require their uploads to be free of copyrights.

" A simple integration with Filestack’s content intelligence API allowed us to offload the analysis of a large volume of mail quickly and reliably. This automation has proven critically important as our team has more time to focus on enhancing our core product. "

Steven Maguire, VP Technology at Earth Class Mail

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