Storage Aliases

Store your files into one of our supported storage providers and utilize the full power of Filestack’s APIs and add-ons.

Why You Need Storage Aliases

If you have an existing storage provider for your files, Filestack can easily integrate with it instead of having to remove and re-write your business logic entirely.

You have the option to quickly plug Filestack into your application without having to create and manage an entirely new server for your files.

Supported Cloud Storage Providers

Supported Cloud Storage Providers

Below is a list of supported cloud storage providers that can integrate easily with Filestack

  • - Amazon S3
  • - Rackspace
  • - Azure Blob Storage
  • - Dropbox
  • - Google Cloud Storage

What Are The Benefits Of Storage Aliases

Simply create aliases for private cloud storage areas (at the granularity you desire) and we

create a secure, abstracted URL for the content within that storage that can be transformed and served

– without re-uploading content and keeping the storage private.

Then you will be able to apply Filestack transformation and processing API, for example:

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    Never worry about serving NSFW content again. Filestack’s Image Tagging API ensures that all files within your system are safe for everyone.

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    Video Transformations

    Filestack can transform any video format to your desired outcome, ensuring a uniform and easy-to-manage video format as a result. Learn more.

Document Conversion API

Learning materials come in different filetypes, and this should never be a problem. Filestack's transformations convert files to your desired filetype.​


Simple virus and malware detection for all file types

Scan every file upon upload for viruses and malicious programs no matter what their file type. Filestack's virus detection capabilities support scanning every file from images and video files to PDF documents for a secure document upload every time.


Connect your app to files from over 20 sources. See them all

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Way more than a file uploader widget: a complete upload service.

What you can get only from Filestack

Better reliability

Filestack Intelligent Ingestion™ can dynamically adjust to changing network conditions to guarantee upload success 99.999% of the time.

Accelerated uploads

Filestack’s exclusive technology can provide your app immediate access to content - even while it’s still in transit accros the network.

One API forever

Filestack brings images, videos, and files to your app from 20+ sources through a single, stable API. (No need to maintain an integration to each service).

Just One Integration, One Time...

Filestack connects you with a multitude of services with one simple integration. You will never have to worry about updating API integrations again. Uploading files is our raison d’etre. We continually update our API and will never depreciate our API or force unwarranted changes on you.

Libraries & SDKs
Choose from our SDKs to get started: Javascript, Ruby, PHP, Python, Swift, Android
No maintenance required
Once you integrate, you’re done. Never worry about changing APIs or disrupting your file workflow again.
Dev-to-dev support
Your files are always our #1 concern. We are always here to help you get up and running and assure the best performance.
Examples of code snippets
import * as filestack from 'filestack-js';
const client = filestack.init('YOUR API KEY');
client.upload(fileObject).then(data =>console.log(data.url));
gem 'filestack'
client ='YOUR_API_KEY',
security: security_object)
filelink = client.upload(filepath: '/path/to/file')
$ composer require --prefer-dist

use Filestack\FilestackClient;

$client = new FilestackClient('YOUR_API_KEY');
$filelink = $client-upload('/path/to/file');
$ pip install filestack-python

from filestack import Client
client = Client("")

params = {'mimetype': 'image/png'}
new_filelink =