Audio Transcoding

Easily transcode the formats of audio files, shorten the clip, adjust the bitrate or starting point, and more.

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Convert Audio Formats

By simply calling video_convert, easily convert from mp3, wav, ogg, aac, & wma to the following audio formats: mp3, oga, m4a, & aac.

See more in our documentation »

Here's a soundclip in .OGG format:

Here's the same soundclip converted to .MP3 format:

Extract Audio Tracks from Video Files

Need only the sound from your video clip? Easily extract the audio track.

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Resulting audio track extracted from video file:

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Crop Audio Clips

Easily adjust the audio clip's duration or starting point.

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Adjust the Quality & Size of Audio Clips

Easily change the bitrate & sample rate of any audio clip.

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Webhooks & Cache Audio Files

Once you have initiated an encoding process any future call with the same parameters will return the current status of the encoding job. So if you run the same conversion multiple times, you will receive its current status immediately.

Once the audio transcoding has completed, a webhook will be sent, notifying your application.

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Transcode with More Parameters

See more about setting file names, storage locations, signatures, and more in our documentation »

Integrate in Just Seconds!

No matter what language you code in, you can easily implement Filestack onto your application. We are easily implemented in any language.

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<script src=""></script>

from filepicker import FilepickerClient

client = FilepickerClient(api_key='YOUR_API_KEY')

$config = array(
    'Filepicker' => array(
        'apikey' => 'YOUR_API_KEY',

var Filepicker = require('node-filepicker'),
filepicker = new Filepicker('YOUR_API_KEY');