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Learn how to Easily Integrate Facebook with your Website or Mobile App For File and Image Uploads.

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Why upload from Facebook?

Facebook is the new hard drive! With its 1.5 billion active users, providing a way to connect your app with your user’s Facebook accounts has never been more advantageous...or easier. Facebook boasts well over a billion active users, all of them storing a personal archive of photos and other files that they want to share with your app.

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Integrating Facebook is easy!

In 5 minutes and 2 lines of code you can enable the billions of Facebook users to securely connect their Facebook data with your app.

1By simply switching from this ...
<body>   <input type="file" name="file" /> </body>
2... to this!
<body> <input type="filepicker" name="file" /> <script type="text/javascript" src="" ></script> </body>

By using our JavaScript Library, simply substituting the normal HTML file uploader with Filestack’s own HTML widget will allow your users to securely authenticate their Facebook account without leaving your app and shares files between your app and their account.

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Filestack allows your users to

  • Authenticate into their Facebook account without leaving your app, much less the upload process.
  • Securely and easily download photos from their Facebook account.
  • Save files from your app back into their Facebook account.

The perfect picture...every time

Filestack not only enables you to upload photos from Facebook accounts, it also allows you to automatically detect faces, crop and resize them to ensure a perfect match with your site’s design.

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Upload anything, from anywhere.

Connect to the cloud.  20+ sources instantly integrated to give your users more options.  We manage the cloud API integrations - forever - so your app is future proof.  Or just point a URL at us so you can transform and process.

"We could have built our own image workflows, but it probably wouldn’t have been efficient and probably wouldn’t have been on the right architecture for such a specialized task."

Rob Eanes - Founder & CTO, Pingboard

Powerful File Infrastructure in Just Two Lines of Code.


Upload Files

Ingest unlimited images, videos, and docs from 20+ cloud drives via our file picker widget or powerful upload API.

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Transform Images

Build and streamline workflows to crop, resize, watermark, and apply hundreds of file conversions.

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CDN Delivery

Deliver responsive images with blazing speed leverage our Fastly-powered Content delivery Network (CDN).

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Filestack is about more than just images.

Filestack is an amazingly easy to implement end-to-end File Management Platform that connects your app with all of the major cloud storage services, performs a long list of transformations to photos and delivers them quickly and efficient via our Content Delivery Network.

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