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Whitelist Domains for your Filestack API Key

Whitelisting a domain ensures that the Filepicker can only be used to upload files when the uploader is opened in a browser from the domains you have specified in your developer portal.

This is a security measure that can be used to protect your API key from being used by non authorized users.


To configure Whitelisted domains on your API key, go to your Developer Portal and navigate to Whitelisted Domains.

Toggle the button from Off to On.

Screenshot showing Filestack Developer Portal Whitelist Domains

Add a regular expression for each domain that you want to be able to upload from on a new line.

Screenshot showing Filestack Developer Portal Whitelist Domains

Please Note

If you have whitelisting turned on for your API key you will need to include regular expressions that match your development domains and production domains that use the key.

The change may take a moment (up to few minutes) to be propagated over our infrastructure, so this feature may not start working immediately after your entry in the developer portal.