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S3 Import Tool

The Filestack S3 Import Tool is an application that we created in order to make it easy for our customers to start using Filestack with their existing S3 assets. The import tool functions by crawling your S3 bucket and creating Filestack urls.

What we require from users:

  • Filestack API Key
  • S3 Access Key ID set in Developer Portal
  • S3 Secret Access Key set in Developer Portal
  • Default S3 Bucket set in Developer Portal
  • S3 Bucket to Crawl

The bucket(s) need to be accessible using the S3 keys provided. Please note that Filestack only supports the US Standard S3 region. If your bucket(s) are in other regions, the tool will still work, but the speed of the migration will be slower.

If the Default S3 bucket is different than S3 Bucket being crawled, then the files from the bucket being crawled will be copied to the default bucket set in the filepicker developer portal. If the Default S3 bucket is the same as the Bucket being crawled, then the original files will be overwritten with new copies.

When the S3 Import Tool completes its job, we will return a CSV file to the customer that contains the following fields:

filename, S3 url, filestack url, success

The success field will be either true or false based on whether the file upload and creation was successful. If files are being overwritten, in the event of a failure, the original file will not be lost. It will remain where it was, but there will be no filestack url for it.

If you are interested in using Filestack's S3 Import Tool, please contact us at