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Adding Rackspace Storage


Filestack can also be configured to store users' files directly into your Rackspace Cloud files account. To do this click the Rackspace link in your developer portal under Storage.

You will need to specify the Rackspace username and API key of a user that has access to the cloud files container you specify.

Setting Up Rackspace Storage

  1. Go to and sign up for an account.
  2. Once you have an account, go to the Rackspace dashboard and click Storage, then select Files under Object Storage and CDN.
  3. Choose Create Container, enter the container name and select Northern Virginia for the region (other regions won’t work). Next select private and click create container.
  4. Collect your Rackspace information: username, api key and container name.
  5. Go to the Filestack developer portal and click on Rackspace under Storage. Enter the required information.
  6. Click Test Rackspace Settings.
  7. Check the Rackspace container.

Congratulations, Rackspace storage for Filestack is configured! You may now enter 'rackspace' as a value for the location storage options parameter.