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Adding Azure Storage


Filestack can also be configured to store users' files directly into your Azure storage account. To do this click the Azure link in your developer portal under Storage.

You will need to specify the Azure storage account name, as well as the primary access key. Azure does not support rich access-based control mechanisms, so there is no need to configure a separate user for filestack.

Setting Up Azure Storage

This video walks through the steps listed below

  1. Log into the Azure Dashboard and click on Storage
  2. Choose New > Quick Create > and enter url, location, and replication settings and click create storage account.
  3. Click on the new storage container to go to the dashboard.
  4. Click containers and make a new container, Access Type should be “Public Container”. Copy the Container Name, you will need it later.
  5. Click Manage Access Keys and copy the Storage Account Name and Primary Access Key.
  6. Go to the Filestack Developer Portal and click on Azure. You need the Storage Account Name and Primary Access Key from the Manage Access Keys window in Azure. You also need the name of the container you created. Enter them all in the developer portal and save each field.
  7. Click the Test Azure Settings button to confirm successful configuration.
  8. Check the Azure container for a Filestack test file.

Azure is all set up. You may now enter 'azure' as a value for the location storage options parameter.