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Using Dropbox with Filestack

How can you use Dropbox with Filestack?

In order to use Dropbox with Filestack, we require that you have your own custom Dropbox application and that you enter your Dropbox application's API keys in your Filestack Developer Portal.

Sample Code
filepicker.pick( { mimetypes: ['*/*'], container: 'modal', services:['DROPBOX'], }, function(Blob){ console.log(replaceHtmlChars(JSON.stringify(Blob))); }, function(FPError){ // console.log(FPError.toString()); - print errors to console } );

Setting up a Custom Dropbox oauth application

  1. Go to
  2. Login to the Dropbox account you would like to associate Filestack with.
  3. On click My Apps
  4. Click “Create App”.
    Click Create App on the dropbox page
  5. Select the Dropbox API
  6. Select Full Dropbox
  7. Name your App, and Click “Create App”
    Name the application, make sure the proper setting are selected and click create
  8. On the next page, it will show the newly created app with an App key and App secret. The permission type should be Full Dropbox. Important! Once everything is working as expected, be sure to click the "Enable Additional Users" and then the “Apply for Production” button to have your app approved by Dropbox and enable up to 100 users while you wait for approval.
    Confirm that the permission type is correct. Apply for production and Enable Additional Users.
  9. Navigate to the Developer Portal in Filestack and under the Credentials Section, click Dropbox Auth.
  10. Check the checkbox and copy and paste the App key and App secret into the corresponding fields. Click Save.
    Add the Dropbox App Key and App Secret to the developer portal

Congratulations! You have successfully connected Filestack with Dropbox using oauth.