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Security - Using Filestack File Policies

Once you've generated a policy and its signature, you can use it in three ways.

  1. Append the policy and the signature to the Filestack file URL signature=4098f262b9dba23e4766ce127353aaf4f37fde0fd726d1 64d944e031fd862c18&policy=eyJoYW5kbGUiOiJLVzlFSmhZdFM 2eTQ4V2htMlM2RCIsImV4cGlyeSI6MTUwODE0MTUwNH0=

  2. In the javascript library

    For each of the calls in the javascript library, you can specify a signature and policy in the options field of any Filestack files javascript api call.

    Example with JSFiddle:

  3. In the widgets

    For the pick and drag-drop widget, you can specify a data-fp-signature and data-fp-policy.