V1 Image Transformations - Watermark

You can add a watermark to your image by layering one image on top of another and adding position parameters.

Filepicker has a limit to how large the images it will accept for conversions can be. The maximum accepted image size is 100,000,000 pixels, so an image with this many pixels could have width and height combinations like 10,000 x 10,000 or 5,000 x 20,000, etc.


watermark Adds the specified absolute url as a watermark on the image.
watersize This size of the watermark, as a percentage of the base image (not the original watermark).
waterposition Where to put the watermark relative to the base image.

Possible values for vertical position are:

top middle bottom vertical value
left center right horizontal value
The two can be combined by separating vertical and horizontal with a comma. The default behavior is middle,center


Original image

the original image to be watermarked

Image with a watermark

the image with filepicker watermark applied

Image with a watermark in size 40% of the base image

image with watermark overlay shrunk to 40 percent of full size

Image with a watermark in the size 40% of the base image, positioned at the bottom, left corner

image with watermark positioned at the bottom left at 40% of full size