My Filestack links are returning error messages? What's going on and how do I fix this?

There are several different types of errors you might receive when attempting to access a Filestack link. We will attempt to catalogue them here:

  • "[uuid=XXX] We found an issue, but it wasn't one of the typical reasons. We're looking into it." or "[uuid=XXX] File not found" - This can happen when the file referenced by the Filestack link has been moved, deleted, or changed in some way that breaks our reference to it. For files uploaded using filepicker.pick(), the filelink generated by files selected from cloud drives like google drive will be a symbolic link to that file. If the file owner deletes, moves or changes the name/permissions of the underlying file, this will break our connection to it. For this reason, we suggest that you use filepicker.pickAndStore() if you need permanent access to a file. Additionally, if you are using your own custom storage, and then alter the file (move it or change the key) in your S3 or other storage container, this will break a link made with pickAndStore().
  • "Too Many Requests" - This error means that your application's API key and all of its Filelinks have been blocked. Either your free account has gone over its free plan limits, or your paid account has been shut off due to delinquent payments.
  • [uuid=XXX] This action has been secured by the developer of this website. Error: The signature has expired - If your account has security turned on, then all requests need to be accompanied by a valid Security Policy and Signature. If you pass an invalid policy or signature, we will prevent access to the file you are requesting.
  • [uuid=XXX] Check that your connection details and bucket name is correct. Bucket names must contain at least one letter and be all lower case. - You may receive this error if you have recently changed the S3 (or other storage) authentication details in your Filestack account. It means we cannot access the old files you stored with the new S3 (or other) keys you have entered.
  • [uuid=XXX] This storage was authorized for another product, please check endpoint which you use. - This is a similar error to the one above and has to do with the changes you might have made to your storage solution or Filestack integration. Have you recently switched how you integrate the Filestack library, or maybe switched from filpicker.js to filestack.js?
  • validation error: or conv20 provider error: - You may receive errors from our transformation engine. We try to provide detailed messages about why a conversion fails, and you can also include the /debug/ task to get more info. If the problem persists, you can contact Filestack support and they can help you investigate. Please provide example urls, your API key, and any other info you might have when contacting support.