I am storing my files to S3 using Filestack, but I only receive Filestack urls. How can I get S3 urls for my uploaded files?

After a file is successfully stored, we return a JSON Blob object that includes the following properties:

  • key - the S3 key where the file has been stored.
  • container - the name of the bucket where the file was stored.

As long as you have set the access parameter in your picker code to public ( access: 'public') you should be able to build an S3 url from the returned blob information that is useable without any additional security signatures. The default way we store files to S3 is private, so proper authentication would be required to use the direct S3 link. We handle this authentication on our end through our Filestack links.

Now that we know values for the key and the container, we can build the S3 url for the file: