Are there any other limits on my plan besides number of files?

Filestack plans track a number of statistics related to your usage.

The three main categories are:

  • uploads (Filestack links generated per month)
  • transformations (files converted per month)
  • bandwidth (data transfer in bytes through our system per month)

If you are on a paid plan, and exceed the limits of said plan, we charge additional usage fees at the rate of $5 for 2,500 file uploads, $5 for 7,500 file conversions, and $0.10 per 1GB of bandwidth.

If you are on a free plan, and you exceed these limits then your API key and the files associated with it will not function until your usage limits reset at the end of the month or you upgrade your plan

There are additional restrictions that are hard limits, meaning we will prevent you from going over them. These include file upload size restrictions, and certain features that are locked for the lower paid plans and the free tier.