You can add watermarks to images by overlaying another image on top of your main image.

Note: The maximum accepted image size is 100,000,000 pixels. An image with this many pixels could have width and height combinations like 10,000 x 10,000 or 5,000 x 20,000, etc. There is also a file size restriction. Filestack will not convert an image that is larger than 256mb. Please contact us if you require the ability to process larger files than our current limits.


Rotate Task URL Formats:

Can be abbreviated as f:VsXhJVWReSrYU7UoFyfw

The Filestack handle of the image that you want to layer on top of another image as a watermark.


Can be abbreviated as s:75

The size of the overlayed image as a percentage of its original size. The value must be an integer between 1 and 500.

watermark=position:top, middle, bottom, left, center, or right

Can be abbreviated as p:top

The position of the overlayed image. Possible values for position are: top, middle, bottom, left, center, and right. These values can be paired as well like position:[top,right].

Watermark Examples

Original Image

original photo to have watermark applied to it using Filestack's image transformations

Image with watermark using default settings (center position with a size of 100%). It is always best to use high quality images for watermarking:

image with watermark added using default settings

Image with watermark using the default center position and a size:300:

image with watermark added and size increased to 300%

Image with watermark using a top right position and a size of 200%, position:[top,right],size:200:

image with watermark added to top right and watermark size set to 200%

Security Example where both the image to be watermarked, and the watermark to overlay, are secured by handle specific policies. This requires the passing of two policies and two signatures. One set in the security task, and one set attached to the url of the image to be watermarked

Original Image

original photo to have watermark applied to it using Filestack's image transformations with security
Photo courtesy of Andrew Mione
secure image with secure watermark