Optimize your JPG files for web delivery

Set the quality of your JPG or WEBP images without the danger of possibly generating a larger file. This is great for reducing the file size of your image before running it through the compress task. Quality is a standalaone task which is separate from the quality parameter available in the output task, and operates differently in that it will never increase the size of a file.

Note: The maximum accepted image size is 100,000,000 pixels. An image with this many pixels could have width and height combinations like 10,000 x 10,000 or 5,000 x 20,000, etc. There is also a file size restriction. Filestack will not convert an image that is larger than 256mb. Please contact us if you require the ability to process larger files than our current limits.


Quality Task URL Format:

Can be abbreviated as v:75

This task will take a JPG or WEBP file and reduce the file size of the image by reducing the quality. If the file is not a JPG, the original file will be returned. If after the conversion, the resulting file is not smaller than the original, the original file will be returned. Using quality as a seperate task is better when no previous image manipulations (no previous recompressions) have been done. quality=value:75.

Quality Examples

Original Image

This is the main image we will be changing the quality on. The original image is 7360x4912px and 29mb.

image to be demonstrate quality task

By BerryJ - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Resize, change quality and compress a Filestack handle or external url.

The combination of resizing the image to 1000x667px, decreasing the quality to 70%, and compressing the file resuts in an image that has shrunk from 29mb to 125kb!

photo transformed using Filestack's resize, quality and compress transformations