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Filestack is an end to end file management service hosted in the cloud.

We manage all of your image assets, from uploading them, to processing them, to distributing them.

Filestack is not exclusive to images. File assets can be any file type: office documents, videos, pdfs, photoshop files, illustrator files and countless other file types are fully supported.

After assets have been uploaded into our system either through our cloud widget or through our rest api, they go through a processing engine where you can assign rules to your files for processing. For example if you want to compress files or crop them before storing them, you can add a rule for that.

Filestack then stores the files for you either in our backend or you can choose to store it into your own backend.


Filestack has been built from the ground up to scale . Our infrastructure is built for high capacity image transformations, file uploading, and file downloading. If you are a small startup or a large enterprise, we have the capacity to scale up to your needs.

Filestack Handles, URL based manipulation, and Content Delivery

For every file uploaded into Filestack, a unique handle is generated. The handle can be used in a number of ways. For example, when an image is uploaded it gets a unique handle assigned to it:

You can use this handle reference to modify and convert the source file on the fly by using that handle in the appropriate URL:

Filestack Content Delivery

Filestack API Architecture

Filestack Transformation Architecture