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File Processing/ Overview

For any file that is uploaded into filestack, we provide common operations that you can run on your files to post process them. The goal of our api is to make it as simple and easy as possible for you to add these processing steps to your site or mobile app. There is no need to have any hardware or infrastructure on your end, we take care of all the hardwork for you.

Image Transformation

We provide many functions around image manipulation such as adding effects, converting to different image formats, resizing, face detection, watermarking, and a lot more.

Office documents conversions

Need to get a word doc converted into a pdf so your customers can read it on their mobile device, we can help you do that.

Whether you have pdfs, word docs, html, or text, we can help you convert it to other formats so that your customers can view their docs in the formats they want.

Are you uploading lots of text based documentation and want to be able to search them? We are in private beta now.

Video conversion

We provide video transcoding for all the popular video formats on the web. Whatever video you have, we can help you get it converted to other formats so that you can reach the widest audience possible.