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Create your own Dropbox OAuth application to Connect to Filestack

In order to use Dropbox with Filestack, you’ll need to have your own custom Dropbox application and enter your Dropbox application's API keys in your Filestack Developer Portal.

  1. Go to https://www.dropbox.com/developers and click the center square labeled Create your App

    Screenshot showing the Dropbox developers home screen

  2. Select the radio button for Dropbox API. Choose Full Dropbox access. Name your application. Click Create App in the lower righthand corner.

    Screenshot showing the Dropbox app permissions

  3. On the settings tab, click the button to Enable additional users

    Copy both your App key and App secret to add them to your Filestack Developer Portal later.

    Add the following two redirect URIs to the section labeled OAuth 2

    • https://www.filestackapi.com/api/client/dropbox/authCallback/open

    • https://www.filestackapi.com/api/client/dropbox/authCallback/saveas

    Screenshot showing the required redirects for Dropbox and Filestack

  4. Optional Step You can configure your domain name and logo on branding tab.

    Screenshot showing optional branding for Dropbox and Filestack

  5. Login to your Filestack Developer Portal. Find Dropbox Auth in the sidebar. Enter you App Key and App Secret from Dropbox.

    Screenshot showing placement of Dropbox keys in Filestack Developler Portal

  6. Test your Dropbox implementation by launching the filestack dialog and connecting to Dropbox:

Dropbox is a default source, but if you are overwriting the default sources you will need to add dropbox in the fromSources parameter.

  fromSources: ['dropbox'],
}).then(result => {

Remember that if at any point you have difficulties, we welcome questions at support@filestack.com