Supported Platforms

Currently, Filestack supports the following services, and we're adding more all the time. If you need a platform that we don't yet support, you can add your own custom provider. Note: The Custom Provider SDK is available to Pro customers only.

Amazon Cloud Drive is the consumer version of S3. It offers secure online storage for all digital content - anywhere on any device. It's built into Amazon devices by default, and the Filestack dialog as well.

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With Box, all your business files that you share with your colleagues are easy to access on third party sites. Filestack easily connects you quickly and safely.

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Just like the classic browse button, except better. You can search and upload from your desktop or mobile device and Filestack will make sure your files are uploaded quickly and reliably using Filestack's code for resilient and accelerated uploads.

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Have an app built on Dropbox and want to whitelabel your customers experience? With Filestack’s end to end integration, your customers can interact with their assets all with your brands touch.

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You love keeping everything organized and in one place. Filestack doesn’t interrupt. Find your life’s work in Evernote without disturbing your flow.

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Easily find the right profile picture for that new service. Whether it’s the corporate headshot, or the relaxed Sunday brunch selfie.

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Inspire the right shots for your custom photo album is just two clicks away. Make it easy for your users to connect with their favourite photos instantly.

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It may not be as nice as Fetch, Filezilla, or Transmit, but you can connect to your FTP server and pick any files from it.

When you’re building your software better, together - find all your files easily through connecting your services to GitHub. Filestack makes this easy, it’s just three clicks.

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Millions of people use Google Drive to connect all their files. With Filestack, storing and fetching files is a cinch.

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Filestack connects all your files - OneDrive is anywhere on any device. Easily connect all your services to OneDrive with Filestack.

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All the pictures your customers have taken are at their fingertips. Whether it’s for their new canvas print or cover photo, Filestack lets you connect quickly and easily. You could say it’s picture perfect!

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The WebDav protocol makes the Web a readable and writable medium. Filestack keeps this statement true with it’s support of WebDAV.

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That attachment you just received is still at your fingertips with Filestack. No need to download it to your device.

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Search for your favourite image with Google Image Search right within Filestack. No need to open a new window, click, save image as, find the file, then upload it.

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Find that filer perfect snap for your profile picture. The worlds moments accessed quickly with a little help from Filestack.

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Have a file URL handy? Keep it in the cloud and simply paste the link into the Filestack dialog box.


Filestack supports all file types, and that includes video. Upload one from the desktop, or record a new one with the device in your hands.


Nowadays there is a camera on every device we have. Capture a new profile image by taking a selfie from wherever you are.

Integrate Filestack with Alfresco content management systems and easly manage files between platforms.

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Capture screenshots, videos or upload any kind of file with Cloudapp and share them using Filestack.

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The custom source feature allows a user to add their S3 storage bucket as a source to pick from in the side panel. This option is available to users on the Accelerate plan or higher.

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Upload and share images using Imgur and then upload or export them with Filestack.

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