Tilt Case Study

Case Study

“We love Filestack’s product - it takes a lot of things off the table so we’re able to focus on our main product.”

How Tilt uses Filestack’s scalable file infrastructure to increase engagement on their app

Tilt, a startup taking a “bite sized approach to crowdfunding” has taken a huge chunk of the crowdfunding industry, growing 40% month-over-month on college campuses. Tilt is the easiest way to collect money from a group, enabling friends to pool money to do fun things together, such as rent vacation homes, pool funding for concerts, fundraisers, events, and more. Tilt launches more crowdfunding campaigns per day than any other platform in the world, including industry leaders Kickstarter and Indiegogo and is focused on “crowdfunding in a mobile world”. And furthermore, Tilt’s campaigns have ridiculously high success rates, with the average ‘tilt’ raising 192% of its original goal.

How is Tilt able to compete so effectively with their more established rivals?

Crowdfunding is Personal:

Tilt’s campaigns come alive with pictures and GIFs. As one engineering team lead, Dave King says, “if you’re asking for money, you have to look like yourself.” Additionally, it’s important to have a picture of the end goal so you can visualize you and your buds in that Tahoe cabin. This is standard crowdfunding practice. But Tilt takes this personalization one step further, and actually allows friends and donors to comment with images directly on the tilt. Friends don’t just donate money to each tilt - they take ownership by adding their personalities to them. Users turn each tilt into a personal story, and then they share these stories with their friends - making the process of collecting money from your group a truly social experience.

Thousands of pictures on thousands of campaigns could be a developer’s nightmare. But Filestack makes it a dream come true. Tilt uses Filestack’s file picker to enable users to upload directly from where they keep their pictures, including Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Picasa and their local drives. Once these photos are uploaded, they are automatically cropped and resized through Filestack to look great on whatever size device they are being viewed on. This makes it easy for friends to upload images to campaigns, so they continue to engage, share, and keep each tilt relevant.

Filepicker Window

Mobile is Key:

We know, you’ve heard the importance of mobile before. People spend over 3 hours a day on their mobile devices. And they make about one third of their online purchases from their mobile phones. Tilt takes advantage of this trend by focusing heavily on the mobile app experience. From images and content to the ease of opening and sharing tilts , Tilt looks and works just as great from a mobile phone as it does on a web browser.

Tilt Example Project

Mobile devices and personalized images don’t always go together smoothly. Resizing images for mobile devices is a source of frustration for many developers. But once again, Filestack comes through for Tilt, automatically aligning and resizing all images to look great across all devices.

Filestack also helps reduce load time for images. Dave insists that 2 seconds or more for an image is too long for users to wait. Using Filestack has enabled Tilt to get the quality and speed they need for their user experience, without having to spend time they don’t have developing the process.


There’s a lot that goes into making a company grow. Tilt has been able to not just start a successful crowdfunding platform, but also build it in a way that makes it extremely scalable for all the growth it is experiencing. With a team of more than 30 engineers throughout the U.S., Canada, and the UK, Tilt’s engineers are able to use Filestack to stay focused on building a great crowdfunding platform while allowing Filestack to take care of uploading and processing images. By using Filestack for their image infrastructure, Tilt is able to foster engagement, which leads to more activity, sharing, and donations for crowdfunding campaigns.

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