The Challenge

ScribblePost is the world’s first Productivity Network. It’s a single place to capture and manage all work-related information: notes, tasks, projects and emails. ScribblePost is modeled on the way people naturally scribble notes on paper, so it’s extremely fast, flexible and easy to use. Users can use it to work productively on their own, and with anyone else – even people who don’t use ScribblePost.

An important aspect to ScribblePost is user identity, including supporting profile pictures for each user account. ScribblePost needed a way for users to upload and store image files in their own S3. After profile images are uploaded, ScribblePost often needs to crop or resize them. As Alon Novy, ScribblePost Founder and Chief Scribbler says,

“Having upload capabilities was a necessity. The only question was the best way to provide these features.”

ScribblePost needed a quick solution. The sooner they had a file uploader, the sooner they could get their MVP to market and launch their beta version to the world.

The Solution

Alon, ScribblePost Founder and Chief Scribbler, did what any developer would, and turned to Google for answers, searching for file uploaders that integrate with S3. He was thrilled to find Filestack, which not only has the upload capabilities he was looking for, but also connects users to 20+ cloud drives to upload from, including Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, and more, which he knew would be handy down the road.

“The time it took to implement Filestack was negligible - it was up and running within the day.”

Filestack also made it easy to transform images after uploading, as he simply added parameters to the Filestack-generated URL to find the face, crop, and resize the image.

Original Image

Image with Face Detected

Image with Face Detected and Thumbnail Extracted  

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The Results

ScribblePost integrated Filestack’s fully functional file picker into their product very quickly, and has since uploaded and processed over 200,000 photos with Filestack.

“The critical goals were time and cost reduction. Having a plug and play solution meant that we didn’t incur the costs of debugging.”

The 20+ cloud integrations with Facebook, Gmail, and more that Filestack included saved ScribblePost significant time and cost. All users can now seamlessly upload pictures when joining ScribblePost without needing to leave the account creation process to find the right image. The result has been increased onboarding completion rates, and a more useable and and enjoyable ‘getting started’ experience.

“It’s a really good, stable product. It’s one thing that’s never fallen over for us, and that’s important.”